Documents Your Ohio Business Needs to Shred Now

One of the biggest myths around is that shredding documents will keep information safe. It really depends on the type of shredding that takes place. Having documents professionally shredded will help alleviate data breaches because they use commercial shredders designed to add an additional layer of protection to the document destruction process. Many people don’t realize that hard drives need to be shredded as well. Being educated on what needs to be shredded professionally can alleviate a lot of headaches down the road.

What Should I Shred?

Many organizations don’t really know what they should shred and they should keep in their data storage protocols. Whether shredding for an organization or personally, tax records and receipts should be kept for seven years. Medical and employee records have a certain period of time in which they should be held and then disposed of. Anything with financial and personal information on it should be shredded if no longer needed. For instance, if the bank account number was changed and there are old checks and financial statements around, those should be shredded. Any old credit cards should also be shredded. Depending on the type of organization, there may be regulatory conditions that must be followed, such as HIPAA law requirements.

Any hard drives that no longer work or have information on them should also be shredded. While most people consider a hard drive to be safe from breach after wiping it clean, that is not necessarily true. In most cases, data can still be extracted from those devices, leaving the previous owner open to identity theft. Shredding will ensure no information will be unknowingly compromised at any time. A document disposal company can properly shred and safely dispose of hard drives.

Mobile and Drop Off Shredding Available

While there are many different shredding services available, mobile shredding and drop off shredding are two of the most widely used. Mobile shredding is very convenient and works to ensure data security protocols are followed. Companies can enhance productivity by having employees continue to do their jobs and monitor the destruction process. For those organizations that don’t have the space or time to do this, drop off shredding services are just as effective. One of the key things when working with a document destruction company is to obtain a Certificate of Destruction to make sure you have proof the documents were disposed at the highest standards.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Royal Document Destruction specializes in all types of shredding services that work for both commercial and private clients. Our team works hard in delivering top-notch, quality service in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio. Our team is highly trained on the latest technology and methods in document destruction to ensure our clients can be confident their information is safe. One of the 50 fastest-growing businesses in the Central Ohio area for six years in a row, we understand the importance of working with and for our clients for successful outcomes. We offer hard drive and media destruction; witness shredding; product destruction; file and box cleanout services; customer drop-off; mobile shredding on-site; plant-based shredding and more. Our role is ensuring every client is satisfied and confident in our work. For more information, give an associate a call for a consultation today!

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