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Why Shred

Royal Document Destruction’s secure, bonded and guaranteed shredding solutions guarantee the proper disposal of documents for every type of business. Whether you hire Royal Document Destruction for off-site shredding at our plant, or use our on-site mobile shredding trucks, your documents are guaranteed to be certify shred and meet all legal requirements for secure document destruction. As a NAID certified shredding company, Royal Document Destruction meets or exceeds the highest standards set forth by this overseeing body of the shredding industry.

Identity Theft

Because “dumpster diving” is a reality, it is required by law for individuals and businesses to thoroughly destroy all confidential material. It is NOT illegal for someone to go through your trash; and there are thieves willing to do so in hopes of finding information to use against you for their personal gain. Information that has been discarded is deemed to no longer be yours.

Individuals and businesses all need to shred personal and confidential information to protect against identity theft and fraud. Keeping client information secure is the law. Stay in compliance by using Royal Document Destruction to ensure your company’s legal obligation is met.

Certify shredding your confidential information and that of deceased loved ones is the best protection against identity theft and fraud.

Risk Management

Use Royal Document Destruction’s Paper Shredding Service To Protect Your Business From Corporate Fraud And Espionage

Business espionage professionals consider trash the single most available source of competitive and private information from the average company. When data ends up in a dumpster, it is readily—and legally—available to anyone who finds it. You can protect your business by using our document destruction services. We service the confidential shredding needs of businesses throughout Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana.

  • Dunn’s Review estimates that corporate espionage costs US businesses more than $4 billion in losses annually.
  • The US Department of Justice maintains that an average of 34,000 property crimes—including the theft of confidential material—occur every day.
  • Only 2% of all information criminals are ever caught and prosecuted. Each crime costs the victimized business hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages or in an attempt to undo the damages.

Why You Should Be Shredding:

  • You have an “implied contract” with customers that you will protect their personal information, and any violation could result in legal action
  • Civil codes and federal law require it
  • By certify shredding all paper waste, you eliminate the inconsistency of having your own employees determine what is or is not deemed confidential
  • To avoid steep fines and stiff penalties for violation
  • Guarantees that the organization, business or medical office exhibits the highest ethical standard
  • To be green – since shredding your documents with Royal Document Destruction guarantees the paper is recycled rather than ending up in the landfill

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Defend Your Organization From All Liability By Hiring A NAID Certified, Professional Shredding Company

Every corporation, doctor’s office, medical facility, or any small business produces proprietary information that requires shredding once its usefulness has expired. In fact, companies are legally bound to destroy confidential documents related to their employees or clients.

When these laws are ignored and information ends up in a dumpster, a business exposes itself to the dual risk of criminal exploitation and civil prosecution—as well as the loss of credibility in the eyes of valuable clients. Protect yourself using our secure document destruction services.

Whether you need on-site, mobile shredding services or off-site shredding which is just as secure, Royal Document Destruction’s professional, trained staff can meet the individual and important security needs of your business.

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