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Residential Shredding Services in Cincinnati and Columbus

While most people consider mobile paper shredding to be strictly for businesses, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Royal Document Destruction also offers residential shredding! In fact, our residential shredding services are very popular since work from home solutions continue to thrive. We believe that your most sensitive information is our company’s most important concern.  With almost 30 years in business, we are one of the most established and trusted name in the industry nationwide.

Many communities, nursing homes, apartment complexes and other businesses coordinate residential shred services on occasion. We go to individual homes on a regular basis as well! By organizing a scheduled shred day, scheduling a truck to come to your home, or by hiring our route truck and professional driver to your community’s location for several hours, our residential shredding services help people stay organized and secure, help citizens most effectively shred and recycle all of their personal paper waste, and therefore stay green – all while keeping documents safest from identity theft.

Our residential shredding service includes:

  • Professional, bonded, and security cleared staff
  • Pick up service coordinated from any location – such as boxes in basement
  • Mobile shredding
  • Pick up shredding in our secured trucks
  • Convenient to schedule
  • Certified, bonded and guaranteed
  • 100% recycled after shredding
  • Certificate of Destruction provided
  • Service to individual homes, apartment complexes, senior living, and more

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Why Professional Shredding Service is Superior

Small home shredders may get the job done slowly, however, they are prone to breaking down, noisy, can’t handle staples, and documents can be pieced back together much easier. In addition, papers shredded by home shredders are often just discarded into the trash. 

All paper collected by Royal Document Destruction is shred in one of our very large, industrial, high-speed shredding machines, comingled with lots of other paper at the same time, then shipped to paper mills in bale form to make recycled paper, or products with recycled paper content. Our industrial equipment and processes ensure documents are irretrievable, handled quickly and professionally, and shipped to a paper mill for complete destruction in a very timely manner.  No need to remove staples, paper clips or other small metal, as our equipment is designed to handle it all.

Because Royal Document Destruction recycles virtually 100% of the paper we collect, it is a win-win for the environment and provides the utmost security for your papers. Our company securely shreds hundreds of tons of paper each week at our Columbus and Cincinnati facilities, which makes us the very best at what we do.

Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile shredding services are discreet and effective. Our mobile shred truck comes to the customer’s home at a scheduled time and shreds everything right then and there.  The mobile shred process can be witnessed in its entirety or for as long as you prefer. No job is too small for our mobile shredding, and it is a favorite option for many residents who are just taking care of their own documents.  Mobile residential shredding service is certified, guaranteed and provides peace of mind and extra assurance of total document destruction. A Certificate of Destruction is provided after service is complete.

Mobile shredding alleviates certain worries – such as transportation.  Even though our secure facilities are centrally located in Columbus and Cincinnati, having documents that are not fully shredded when they are being transported may be too much risk for some. Mobile shreddinng is the easiest way to coordinate a witness shred.  Additionally, if mobile shredding is preferred and you have accumulated a lot of documents to shred, by hiring Royal Document Destruction, the labor is done for you.

The mobile truck shreds the collected papers at your location, then takes them back to our facility where they are dumped out, mixed with other paper and shred again! This provides the ultimate in piece of mind.

Let us Come to You: Pick Up Shredding

There’s nothing like a clean office or home that’s free of documents you’ve had to keep for a certain length of time. Pick-up shredding is a perfect solution that saves time and money. Let’s face it – piles of paper can quickly grow and get out of hand. While periodically decluttering and shredding papers throughout the year is ideal, that may not be your reality. Being proactive and scheduling a service to come to remove those documents and properly dispose of them will get the burden off our hands with money well spent.

Occasional pick-up service is very easy to coordinate by calling our office, or filling out the service request form on our website.  The RDD driver comes out at a scheduled time, and collects boxes or bags of documents to be taken back in our secured truck to our NAID approved facility for certified shredding.

Royal Document Destruction also offers residents low cost, convenient and durable shred bags for the collection of paper waste at home.  Remember, every piece of paper which contains your name, or address, or any other identifying information can be problematic in the wrong hands.  It is best to shred everything when it comes to your personal information.

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The team at Royal Document Destruction works with individuals all year providing residential shredding services to help get rid of the clutter. We take pride in offering solutions that make sense, while helping destroy sensitive and confidential information that could get into the wrong hands.

We offer scheduled and ongoing services, file clean out service, off-site shredding, on-site mobile shredding, plant-based shredding, hard-drive and product destruction, and more. Proudly serving Columbus, Central Ohio, Dayton, Cincinnati, northern Kentucky, and all of the surrounding areas. We are fully insured, bonded, and certified by NAID.

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