Data Breach Prevention with Document Shredding

Keeping sensitive information and documents safe is important in this tech-driven society. One of the best ways to do this is by shredding any paper documents you use on a consistent basis. This is the best way to prevent unwanted breaches by individuals who thrive on infiltrating businesses or individuals, costing them tons of time and expense. How do these breaches occur? Breaches occur in several ways. Clicking on unknown links, sharing passwords, or an ex-employee gaining access and distributing information are all common.

Data Privacy Protection

Data breach prevention is key in keeping information safe. Having document destruction protocols in place makes things a lot easier to avoid these mishaps. In fact, a 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report shows that physical actions, unauthorized use, social engineering, human error, malware, and criminal hacking are some of the top ways company and individual information is compromised.

Secure Document Shredding

Once a data breach occurs, data breach recovery efforts can be time-consuming and costly. Companies experiencing data breaches are usually due to a weakness in the infrastructure usually centered around user behavior (employees not following the rules, etc.) or technology (not being proactive and implementing updates when needed, etc.). These are the top 5 reasons why this occurs:

  • Human error
    Sending confidential information to the wrong person, sharing passwords, having weak passwords
  • Vulnerabilities in security
    All software systems have patches or updates. Companies that do not have dedicated IT teams often overlook this, but there are some companies that have these IT personnel in place and they don’t take the time to implement them.
  • Malware
    Malware is alive and well. There are many different variations of malware that can come disguised as outside programs, emails, etc.
  • Internal stockholder misuse
    Employees and those who have access to internal systems often abuse the system by either passing out sensitive information to the highest bidder or giving infiltrators access to the system.
  • Theft of devices
    Devices that are stolen or compromised are one of the quickest ways for data breaches. This can be something as simple as a family member allowing someone else to use their laptop, desktop, tablet, hard drive, or another device that has sensitive company information on it that can be compromised.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Don’t keep putting your data privacy efforts on the back burner. Partnering with a data protection provider that offers shredding, on or off-site, mobile services, hard drive destruction, and other solutions will help with your data protection efforts. Anticipating and preventing a data breach by having protocols in place is the best way to circumvent unwanted problems. Developing a schedule for ongoing shredding of sensitive documents is smart, cost-effective, and helps keep your company’s reputation intact.

For more on how we can assist, contact the team at Royal Document Destruction today!

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