Paper Waste Policy for Car Dealerships

Every business that uses paper and has confidential information on it should have some form of document shredding protocols in place. That includes car dealerships. What most people don’t realize is that car dealerships have a lot of sensitive information including credit reports, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, loan applications, personal information, employment records, and more. Additionally, there are other types of information they use internally that fall under document management and must be properly disposed of.

Car Dealership Records Management

Effective records management plays a huge role in protecting confidential information. There should be a paper shredding policy in place that protects everyone, including the clients and the employees. In car dealerships, there is a lot of information flowing through different departments, so paper destruction the right way is a must. There are federal laws that must be followed when it comes to keeping this personal information safe. That’s why paper shredding and having a set schedule in place is key.

Creating a Paper Waste Policy

paper waste and paper recycling policy should be a top priority in a car dealership. The sheer volume of clients and others that share information is staggering. Although computers are used, there is a high likelihood of fraud if not careful. There should be a risk management team solely dedicated to ensuring employees are following all the protocols and are being properly trained in shredding and disposing of their documents. Any paper that is kept should always be kept under lock and key in a supervisor’s office to keep the information away from prying eyes or associates who have no business working with this type of information.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Properly handling document shredding and even implementing a recycling paper policy can work wonders in keeping information safe and secure. Working with a team that has certified document destruction protocols in place can make a tremendous difference in the safety and security of confidential information.

There are many benefits in working with a local paper shredding company that you won’t get with a vendor that isn’t local. For instance, you will have a dedicated representative that provides accountability for everything you need shredding. Additionally, you will have shredding options at your fingertips instead of having to wait for your designated day. This way, you won’t have to leave the office or your home to get the same service.

Working with a team for mobile shredding and document destruction that you can count on is a no-brainer. Contact the team at Royal Document Destruction to explore the many options available to you that will make sure your car dealership remains in compliance and protects all your sensitive information.

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