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With 25 years of award winning experience, Royal Document Destruction’s shredding expertise cannot be matched by our competition, enables us to be the leaders in our industry, and all at a very competitive cost. Royal Document Destruction was the first shredding company in Ohio to become AAA certified by NAID. We are one of the largest independently owned document destruction businesses in the Midwest with complete paper shredding, product destruction and hard-drive destruction services at our two locations in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio. Our company is the only shredding company in Central Ohio to be recognized on the Business First “Fast 50” list, which we appeared on for six consecutive years. Nationally, Royal Document Destruction has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the best growing privately held companies in the nation for three years in a row. These awards demonstrate our success and excellence in guaranteeing our customers the best all-around shredding services in the industry.

Your company’s most sensitive information is our company’s most important concern. Royal Document Destruction is the most experienced choice for the destruction of your material. Whether you need to destroy sensitive documents, outdated products, hard drives or other miscellaneous destruction needs, your security is our highest priority.

Our shredders can shred any size, shape or form of paper, binders, books, printed material, files, and non-paper media including photos, paper clips, plastic, transparencies and other common office-related products. There is no need to remove staples, paper clips, or bindings.

We also shred excess inventory, product recalls and obsolete products or materials – everything from car seats to clothing, hard-drives, POP marketing materials, ceramics and much more. Call one of our experienced sales representatives for more information about any sensitive or unique project that your business may have.

Our sales representatives customize a pick-up schedule and a container plan to meet the exact needs of each of our customers. Our very experienced team excels at maximizing the value of each pick-up, so that your service schedule is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.  

All paper is fully shredded, then baled up into very dense bales of paper weighing about 1,800 pounds, and quickly shipped by semi load to paper mills for recycling.  Our long-term relationships with leading paper mills allow our company to keep our prices very competitive for our customers. Our customers also benefit from the knowledge that by hiring Royal Document Destruction, they are making a very “green” business choice since virtually all paper is recycled, as well as securing the professional confidentiality of all documents.

No we don’t.  Whether you have a one time pick-up for an office cleanout, or need multiple locations serviced daily, no customer is too big or too small. Secure document destruction is critical for any size business, and we are pleased to offer our professional and guaranteed services to any company interested in protecting their information in the most guaranteed and professional way possible.

All of the time!  One of our trucks can be scheduled to come to your home for a pick-up at a scheduled day and time frame.  Or, many people also choose to take advantage of our drop-off shredding option at either of our facilities.  Simply call our office or view our website for more information about how we can offer the best security for your personal documents whether we pick it up or you drop it off.

We offer bins in a variety of sizes and quantities to suit virtually any need. Often, we provide a combination of containers to meet exact needs of each customer. All bins and cabinets come with secure locks. Top-load and front-load options are available.

Our large bins come on four wheels for easy movement and hold between 150 and 180 pounds of paper.

The lockable cabinets we provide come in three sizes: small is 19”x19”x24” and holds 75 lbs of paper. Medium is 19”x”19”x36” and holds 110 lbs of paper. A large cabinet is 36”x30”x46” and holds over 200 lbs.

Yes, our mobile-shred trucks can be dispatched for shredding at your facility and under your supervision.  On-site mobile shredding allows you the opportunity to go to the curb and witness the shredding take place.  Please view mobile truck shredding on our website for more details.

If you are unsure what your exact needs are, call Royal Document Destruction today and schedule your free on-site evaluation.  Our expert sales team will identify your specific needs and make recommendations for the size and type of containers, as well as the frequency of visits to maximize your service and minimize your cost.  They are also experienced at solving other destruction needs such as hard-drive or media destruction and all kinds of product destruction projects.

Royal Document Destruction securely destroys hard-drives and other electronic devices and media as well.  Wiping hard-drives is not secure, as that information can actually be retrieved. It is important to crush and destroy the platter to remove all doubt.  Call Royal Document Destruction in Columbus and Cincinnati to learn more about our secure and guaranteed hard-drive and media destruction services, which also includes serial number capture for your records.

In addition to our full-service paper shredding services, Royal Document Destruction offers hard-drive destruction and product destruction services. Hard-drive and media destruction is a critical component of business information security and we also include serial number capture with that service. It is NOT secure to simply wipe your hard-drives – the drives must be rendered useless using proper hard-drive destruction equipment to guarantee the information cannot be retrieved.

Product destruction is a critical service for businesses with overruns, recalled items, POP merchandise, clothing and materials with logos, and any other business item which should be protected for the optimum brand protection for your business.

Gather up all documents that need to be shred and bring them to the Royal Document Destruction facility nearest you.  You can drop off your confidential paper waste for secure shredding for a small per box/per bag fee. (There is no per pound charge when you choose Royal Document Destruction.) There is a $35 minimum fee for drop off service, and it is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (9am-Noon).  Simply call our office for details.

Scheduled service customers are invoiced monthly. All other customers are requested to pay at the time of service.  Cash or check is preferred, but secure credit card payment is also available on this website.

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