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According to the Identity Theft Research Center (ITRC), the instance of United States business data breaches increased by 17% from 2020 to the first three quarters of the next year. According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers filed 2.2 million fraud reports in 2020 alone. Taking the appropriate steps to protect your personal information and your stakeholders’ information, if you own or manage an organization, has never been as critical as it is today. Your records management policy – that is how you store and destroy documents in your home or business – is central to information security.

Shred Local With RDD

One of the most important components of security is document shredding. Your practices, whether at home or at work, should outline document management, which is how you store documents when you retain them, and then paper shredding and paper recycling when you no longer need those documents (or are no longer required by law to retain them). Choosing a local paper destruction company can ensure that your documents are shredded and disposed of or recycled using the most secure technology, preventing access to your personal information and ultimately, costly identity theft. As a general rule, you should shred documents that contain identifying, confidential information and recycle papers that don’t contain confidential information (flyers, Christmas cards, etc.).

Shredding Service with Just One Call or Click

When choosing a shredding provider, there are a few things to consider:

  • are they able to provide a certificate of destruction if you need it?
  • do they provide both document shredding and document recycling services so you can work with a single vendor for all of your needs?
  • do they provide hard drive destruction services so you can recycle old technology with the same vendor?
  • do they offer on-site shredding, off-site shredding, or both?
  • how their prices compare to competitors in the area, and how does their service offering compare to those same competitors?
  • how are their online reviews?

You can find most of this information by reviewing the websites of various shredding vendors or by calling their offices to ask these basic questions. We recommend reviewing at least two different providers before making a decision to ensure your decision is informed.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Royal Document Destruction would appreciate the privilege of making your short list. To learn more about our services, to get answers to all of your questions, or to get started with local shredding services in the Columbus or Cincinnati areas, visit us online today. Our professionals aim to function as an extension of your own team, fitting into your document destruction policy and helping you achieve your goals at home or at work. Whether you’re recycling paper or getting rid of old technology, Royal Document Destruction is your partner – providing security, affordability, and peace of mind for you and those you serve.

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