Why Shred With a NAID Certified Company?

The National Association for Information Destruction gives NAID certification to document shredding companies who comply with data protection laws. NAID, formed in 2000, does scheduled and surprise audits on shredding companies to ensure that they are in compliance with the data protection laws. In addition to the audits, companies who wish to be NAID certified must give the organization proof of their written procedures and policies for employee training, regulatory compliance and incident response preparedness. NAID also provides access to the results of the audits.

Secure Data Destruction

Because there is even more identity theft, businesses and homeowners should implement data destruction policies, including secure shredding. Businesses and individuals should even shred documents with addresses on them. That could be the one piece of information an identity thief needs to create a usable profile.

It’s not just documents you have to worry about. Old hard drives and other digital media also contain tons of information about you — or your clients, if you are a business. Information from addresses to social security numbers, tax records and even payroll records are stored on computers. Simply erasing the data before you discard digital media doesn’t protect you. Often, thieves are able to restore erased data. Shredding digital media ensures that no one can retrieve any sensitive data.

Value of Our NAID Certification

Regulations such as HIPAA and FACTA require the safe-keeping of information contained in documents. When you are no longer required to keep a document or need to get rid of digital media, you should choose a shredding company with NAID certification, like Royal Document Destruction. We give you a certificate of destruction when we shred documents and digital media.

NAID provides ethical standards for any company that is a member. It is the organization that also provides the certificates of destruction that you get when you use Royal Document Destruction for your shredding purposes. The certification program offered by NAID is voluntary. Those who show that they have the expertise to handle your sensitive documents can elect to participate in the program, which shows customers that we do ensure that no one can get access to your documents.

NAID not only audits the office, but it also audits our mobile shredding services to ensure that employees are properly trained and our shredding program meets the regulations of keeping data secure. When a company has more than one location, each location must submit to an audit. Each location gets its own certification, which specifies that particular location.

A company with NAID certification must destroy any information about consumers prior to disposing of the documents. This means that documents must be cross-cut shredded, burned or turned into pulp. Each company should also have a retention schedule to let the manager and/or owners know when to destroy the documents.

All documents that are ready to be destroyed must be kept under lock and key. Instead of having those documents take up room in the filing cabinet, we provide locked “shred boxes” for you to store the documents. We must also adhere to several other rules, including adhering to the FACTA Red Flag Rule in order to have NAID certification.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Whether you need a box of documents shredded once per year or you have a retention schedule that requires you to shred documents every week, we can meet your needs with our secure document destruction services. Contact Royal Document Destruction to discuss your shredding needs today.

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