How to Prepare Your Workplace for Hybrid Employees

While remote work is growing, some employers want to see their employees from time to time. This creates a hybrid workplace, where employees split their time between two scenarios: work from home and in-office. This offers flexibility for the employee while catering to the needs of the business. Hybrid work uses a number of tools to assist, such as video conferencing, instant messenger options, and total solutions like Slack or Basecamp.

This is an effective model when done right. Having the right infrastructure in place makes a difference. When working with sensitive documents, employees should know how to dispose of hard copies. Should they bring them back to the office for shredding, or will they be provided with a service to alleviate any errors?

Hybrid Workplace Features

Getting the office ready for a hybrid employee must consider a few factors. Hybrid working environments are different than employees who are always in the office. Having a section for those employees who don’t have a permanent desk may take some maneuvering and redesign of the office. Creating individual spaces to have meetings or work with others is key. Other considerations include:

  • Video conference sections
  • Ability to book “quiet” rooms
  • Flex-desk scenarios

Security for the Hybrid Employee

Compliance and data security are important for any business, but things are heightened when a hybrid work environment is at work. Making sure employees fully understand the rules and regulations regarding passwords, use of equipment, document safety and destruction, and risk management protocols.

All employees must understand the security of handling sensitive business information in and outside of the office. Hybrid workers must be able to successfully navigate their roles using all the tools provided. Businesses that utilize this model must also consider distributing VPNs and company equipment to ensure everything is protected under one umbrella.

There should also be protocols in place to alleviate the use of equipment by others. Each hybrid employee, whether working from home or in the office, should have their own devices for accountability and privacy.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Having a working solution and partner to assist in keeping your business compliant and safe is a necessity. The team at Royal Document Destruction has years of experience working with high-profile organizations and small businesses providing mobile shredding services, pick-up shredding services, product and document destruction, and customized solutions that make a difference. We also specialize in hard drive destruction to enhance protective measures for your organization.

Certified by NAID, the highest regulatory agency for secure data destruction, we understand how crucial it is to protect sensitive information. Our comprehensive services can be customized to meet the needs of growing businesses employing new working models, such as a hybrid solution that benefits the employees and company.

Minimizing risk for businesses and individuals in the Cincinnati and Columbus areas, we offer flexible services that make shredding simple and convenient for you. Our team can provide a free quote or consultation to help determine your needs. For more information on how we can assist, contact our team today.

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