What is Witnessed Shredding?

Few things in this day and age are more valuable than data. And while so much of it goes ignored, there are some who will literally do anything to get their hands on it. The right information can be the key to financial gain, whether it’s obtained through a hacked bank account or stolen insurance policy number from a medical form. If you’re committed to keeping your data from prying eyes, secure shredding means seeing it happen before your eyes. Witnessed shredding is a way for you to watch the process of your documents being shredded. What’s more, it’s an efficient way to spend your time. Rather than having to painstakingly destroy each document on your own, the right shredding services can work through everything you have in practically no time at all. 

Ways to Witness Your Shredding

The two major ways to witness your shredding are either onsite or offsite. If you’re constantly disposing of everything from paperwork to computer hard drives, it may make sense to choose offsite shredding because it’s designed to handle large volumes of material. The right company will always have control over your most precious data from start to finish. Everyone from the driver of the truck to the end processor is trained to be as discrete as possible. You can see where the materials change hands and how the data destruction process is carried out. No matter how good a company’s reputation is, sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. As you become more familiar with the process, it should become easier to trust. 

What is the Value of Witnessed Shredding?

Privacy protection companies are everywhere today, and they all make the same claims. But if you really understand the importance of document destruction, you know that even one mistake can be the end of your company. Never put it past a criminal to go the extra mile for their own ends. If you choose witnessed shredding, you can sleep better at night knowing that you’ve at least covered your bases in one arena. There’s no way to prevent all potential theft, but there are ways to severely diminish your odds. Plus, you’ll be able to trust the NAID certification you’re handed when all of your documents and materials are securely disposed of. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) sets some pretty high standards when it comes to shredding services. If you’re being given this special document, you can trust that the company giving it to you is being regularly audited to ensure total compliance. 

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Royal Document Destruction has built a business by helping other businesses keep their information safe. We’re also here for individuals who can’t afford to deal with the wasted time and money that an identity theft would bring. We’ve earned our customers by paying attention to detail. After all, it wouldn’t take more than the right scrap of paper for a criminal to begin unraveling the whole mystery. If you’re tired of dealing with a personal shredder that takes far too long to work through a single stack of forms, it’s time to contact us today. You can watch what we do, ask as many questions as you like, and get a better sense of how we treat your data. 

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