What Is a Certificate of Destruction?

When you retain Royal Document Destruction to shred your confidential documents and digital media, you are retaining a company that gives a Certificate of Destruction each time you have something shredded. NAID provides the certificate of destruction for shredding services companies who follow the strict confidentiality laws, including HIPAA and FACTA. NAID audits any company belonging to the organization — with scheduled and surprise audits — to ensure that the companies are properly training their employees and are meeting the requirements of these federal laws.

The Certificate of Destruction guarantees you that we properly shredded your documents and digital media. If you have a security breach, you can show the Certificate of Destruction to prove that you did not allow those files and digital media to get into the hands of an identity thief. Security breaches do not just affect those who had their data stolen – they affect the businesses suffering the breach, as they may have to pay fines or may even be on the losing side of a settlement. Shredding documents and digital media with Royal Document Destruction helps keep confidential data out of unsavory hands.

Destruction of Confidential Data

Secure shredding ensures that your personal information doesn’t get into the hands of identity thieves. Whether you are an individual with a box of confidential data or you are a company that needs to protect your clients’ data, we can provide you with document destruction based on your needs. You might need our shredding services once a year or a company with a document retention schedule that shreds hundreds of documents weekly. We offer mobile shredding, document drop-off services document pick-up services.

If your business retains us for mobile shredding, we provide locked boxes for documents you no longer need. You can remove them pursuant to your retention schedule, so they no longer take up room in your filing cabinets since you put them into locked boxes.

When it’s time to destroy the confidential data, we bring the boxes out to our truck — right in your parking lot — where you can watch us destroy everything in the box. Once we destroy the documents, we bale them and forward them to a recycling plant.

Our NAID Certification

Secure document destruction is required by federal rules. It is voluntary to get NAID certification, but we believe in giving our customers the best in data destruction. You can feel safe in knowing that we go above and beyond to keep information in your documents confidential. In fact, we never even open the shred boxes — we dump the entire box right into the shredder. You can watch this process if we come to you.

Our NAID certification also fulfills your regulatory obligation. Our program provides over 950 NAID certified locations on five continents. Many companies and government agencies, especially companies that work with the government, require NAID certification. If you have government accounts, we are eligible to shred those files at the end of their retention period.

Our NAID certification also qualifies as the service provider Risk Assessment under HIPAA, qualifies as the vendor selection due diligence, and we have a professional liability policy that was created for data-related service providers such as Royal Document Destruction.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

When you need secure document destruction that is backed by NAID certification, contact Royal Document Destruction for your shredding needs. We have NAID certification, which ensures that we stay up to date with strict confidentiality laws to keep your data safe.

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