Upgrading to the Latest and Greatest? How to Recycle Technology

Did you know office supply stores have computer recycling stations ready to take those computers and old cell phones off your hands? If you didn’t know, companies that pay for company cell phones usually have a cell phone recycling program as well.

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When it comes to technology disposal, are you doing it right? How will you know? Working with a vendor specializing in computer disposal is one of the best ways to ensure you are taking the proper steps. There are ways to recycle cell phones and other technology in ways you’ve probably never even heard of. Businesses that don’t have IT departments may not know the laws surrounding proper computer disposal. Manufacturers usually have information on their website that can help and steer you in the right direction. If you’re about to upgrade your old technology, do it the right way. That means taking time to have a hard drive destruction plan in place that takes care of all your recycling needs. Technology recycling isn’t hard if you know what to do.

It’s easy to wonder why you would recycle technology because it’s not like you’re recycling plastic, paper, or glass. The thing is, recycling electronics is much safer for the environment and, when done properly, keeps the air clean and other pollutants at bay. The most important thing about recycling is getting all the information off the hard drive to keep the previous owner and all the information that was on it private.

Computer recycling

When you have a plan in place, things flow smoothly, right? That means having a good data and electronics disposal protocol will give employees direction on what to do, but it also helps keep you in compliance and proprietary information safe. So make sure your protocols include the following:

  • The age of the technology and when it should be destroyed
  • How to properly dispose of hard drives
  • How to file documentation on the recycled or disposed of technology
  • What happens when employees fail to follow the policy
  • The risk management person in charge of handling document and technology disposal

Finding the right company that can handle multiple needs for your business makes a difference. From shredding to hard drive recycling and destruction, the team should understand the severity of any breaches that could occur from your business not following compliance rules. The EPA has several topics on recycling electronics and the proper way to get it done. Educating everyone in the business on how important this is can keep you out of hot water.

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When most businesses think of shredding companies, they don’t know that a good shredding company also handles hard drive destruction. They have specialized equipment that will tear up the hard drive and all its contents to keep any compromising information where it needs to be – gone. When you’re looking for a reliable vendor to handle those needs, the team at Royal Document Destruction can help. Certified and trustworthy, they provide shredding, technology destruction, and education on the best steps to take in keeping your information safe.

For more on Royal Document Destruction and their services, contact the team today!

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