Clean Up Your Digital Space: Media Destruction

When getting rid of any type of media device, it’s important to dispose of it properly. A media destruction service is trained to ensure any data previously on the device is gone. The last thing people want is their personal and private information being compromised. Additionally, companies that deal with sensitive data may run into serious problems if they do not take the necessary precautions in keeping up with regulatory standards.

What exactly is media destruction? Think about all the electronic devices you have that hold data. Flash drives, phones, external disc drives, tapes, and other items are being used every day without a thought of what could happen if the information on them got lost or stolen. While some people may think they can use over-the-counter software to wipe these items clean, most of the time they do not work.

One of the only true ways to ensure the data is gone and can’t be compromised is through hard drive or device destruction. This guarantees the security of the data without worry.

Media Destruction Standards

Media destruction standards or media sanitization guidelines were designed to make sure sensitive information remained confidential. The IRS takes this seriously, as identity theft and other attempts to access financial information are a continuous problem. These requirements are rigid, defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Currently, there are four categories: disposal, clearing, purging, and destroying. Financial information has strict guidelines on acceptable methods of destruction.

Media Destruction Procedure

What happens during media destruction? Many people think you can just pick up a hammer or screwdriver and destroy data on a media device, but these devices are created with parts that protect the sensitive layers of information. Devices may look destroyed on the outside, but there is no guarantee that the inward parts have left the media destroyed as well. Only a true media destruction procedure can ensure the data is completely gone.

How does this occur? A hard drive destruction service shreds the device to remove everything, and then provides a certificate certifying that the information is irretrievable. A NAID AAA certification team is one of the best ways to make sure your media devices have been destroyed with no chance of having the previous information compromised.

A professional team can also give you advice on the best way to handle sensitive media and documents with sensitive information. Using a service like this outweighs the cost – no one wants to deal with the repercussion of information being compromised that could cause monetary and other damage.

The team can walk you through the entire process to give you peace of mind. Having a company that can get it done on your campus makes things even easier for your risk management team.

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If you have a lot of devices with sensitive data that you need to get rid of, don’t throw them away or donate them before consulting with our team. Royal Document Destruction can give you the best advice on what to do. Make sure your information can’t be compromised.

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