The Value of Our NAID Certification

When dealing with sensitive documents, it’s important to seek assistance from only the most reliable shredding services. Without proper certification, however, it’s impossible to truly know whether a particular provider is trustworthy. Hence, the value of the NAID AAA certification, which instills greater confidence in those seeking dependable shredding services.

As the information destruction industry’s international trade association, the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) oversees a variety of secure destruction operations. Specific endorsements are provided to demonstrate whether organizations are properly equipped to handle the complications of both on and off-site destruction for different types of media. NAID AAA certification provides the peace of mind that clients require as they relinquish highly sensitive and potentially damaging material.

What Is NAID AAA Certification?

NAID formed a secure information destruction certification known as AAA in 2000. Today, this program verifies that participating companies comply with the full range of currently applicable data protection laws. This verification is accomplished through both scheduled and surprise audits, which are conducted by highly trained and accredited security professionals.

Beyond audits, companies seeking NAID AAA certification must provide proof of written policies and procedures regarding regulatory compliance, employee training, and incident response preparedness.

The public enjoys easy access to documents and specifications produced by NAID. Customers are permitted and even encouraged to request audit reports to ensure that their providers continue to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Recognition of NAID’s AAA programs is widespread, with hundreds of government contracts currently mandating certification. Additionally, thousands of private contracts require shredding providers to be certified through NAID.

Why Use a NAID AAA Certified Member?

A desire for transparency is only understandable when dealing with the prospect of sensitive document destruction. Regulatory compliance is absolutely imperative, but clients are rightfully skeptical of providers’ claims. Thorough oversight, however, should inspire confidence in destruction providers’ protocol.

While multiple certification options exist, NAID’s AAA program is among the most rigorous — and the most transparent. Clients can promptly gain access to thorough feedback about specific document destruction providers, including their policies and results on recent audits.

Shredding customers can also take solace in knowing that NAID’s audits are by no means easy to pass. Many are conducted with the specific intention of surprising providers, which cannot prepare in advance. Shredding companies that fail to consistently commit to data protection cannot possibly hope to pass NAID’s tough, but much-needed audits.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

On the hunt for a document shredding service you can trust? Look no further than Royal Document Destruction. Serving Columbus, Cincinnati, and surrounding communities, we emphasize the safe and secure destruction of confidential documents. This commitment is reflected by our current status as AAA certified with NAID.

Boasting over two decades of experience and a strong track record throughout the state of Ohio, we are fully prepared to handle your shredding and destruction needs. Beyond excellent security, we are proud to offer flexible services that take your unique schedule and other needs into account. Our state-of-the-art facilities are situated in two of Ohio’s largest cities. We also offer mobile shredding services to accommodate a broader range of customers.

Contact us today to learn more about our certified document shredding services — or to get started with a free quote.

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