The Rise of Recycling Fees: Are You Being Nickel-and-Dimed?

When paper prices decline, shredding companies lose money because they aren’t paid as much for the shredded paper they sell to recycling companies. This means that, often, national shredding companies pass that cost onto you when you bring your documents in for shredding. These businesses are trying to recover losses by charging higher recycling fees for their shredding services – as high as 20 percent for each customer! They expertly bury the costs by giving the price increases a different name – for instance- by increasing another 10 percent on to the 4 percent “environmental fee” they already charge. Royal Document Destruction has a transparent fee schedule and do not nickel and dime you like other companies do. Call or visit us for a free quote!

Recycling Shredded Paper

Shredding sensitive documents helps identity thieves from stealing your information. Even if it’s just an address, that might be able to put that with other information they already found to steal your identity. Always keep in mind that it’s not illegal to go through someone’s trash to get personal information – it’s what they do with the information that is illegal. It’s always better to shred your documents – and it’s good for the environment, too.

If you keep your files in a locked filing room, you should also keep old files secure. Instead of storing them in your filing cabinets, which takes up room, we provide locked shred boxes so that your files will be secure while waiting for your shredding appointment, yet they won’t be taking up room in your filing cabinets.

Recycling shredded paper is extremely difficult because of the very small pieces we create when we cross-cut the documents as well as mix them up with many other documents because of the high-speed, industrial shredding equipment that we use. In fact, our equipment shreds thousands of pounds of paper per hour, so it is shred efficiently and mixed up well with an enormous amount of other papers. So, what do we do with the shredded documents? Is shredded paper recyclable? Yes, it is when you use a professional shredding company. Once we destroy your papers, we put the shredded documents into bales with others’ shredded documents and send them off to a recycler that does recycle shredded paper. This also means retaining the services of a professional shredding company is best for the environment too!

Although running your sensitive documents through our shred systems makes them nearly impossible to put back together, once they are mixed with other documents and forwarded to the recycler, they are impossible to put together. When you shred with Royal Document Destruction, you can do so with the confidence that your personal information stays secure. With 25 years of excellence and experience, it is easy to count on Royal Document Destruction’s team as the trusted experts.

Avoid Hidden Fees with Royal Document Destruction

When you contact us about shredding your documents, whether you need on-site shredding, drop-off shredding, plant shredding or any of our other services, we are always up front with our fee schedule. We do add hidden fees what you see is what you get. We do not add hidden fees such as fuel surcharges and environmental surcharges to our quoted price.

Our facility is secure and we are bonded and insured. Our shredding services meet all of the legal requirements for the destruction of documents. We also offer a certificate of destruction for
documents. Additionally, our vehicles have gps tracking and our cabs are lockable, as are the cargo areas. Badges are required to enter the shredding area at our plant. And we have video surveillance cameras that monitor our facility every minute of every day.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Contact Royal Document Destruction today to discuss your shredding needs, whether you need us to come out frequently to empty locked shred boxes or once every year to shred files you no longer need.

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