Outgrown Your Book Collection: Recycle Books With RDD

When you’re ready to get rid of your books, don’t throw them away – recycle them!  While many people don’t think about this when disposing of their books, this is a great way to provide additional resources for those who use recyclable paper in their products. The key to proper recycling is to use a professional shredding company that can shred paper the right way and gets it to those organizations.

Just in case you’re wondering, it’s pretty cool to recycle books. Think about those people who have tons of books from personal libraries. Many libraries have book recycling bins that can help dispose of them. In addition, when books have torn pages or are very damaged, libraries also donate books to be recycled.

Book recycling

If you’re wondering how to recycle old books beyond the library, there are many different ways to accomplish this. You can use the paper to create something new, donate to other organizations like Better World Books, use the paper to line shelves, sell your books, give them away, or donate them to a prison or charity organization where they need books for people to read. By recycling books, you’re helping save the environment and cutting down on waste.

Even with all these solutions, someone may still be wondering why they should care about recycled books. First, of course, there’s a process involved, but imagine books as another form of plastic. You’re going to save some trees, water, energy, and space those books would take up. In fact, there are recycling laws on the books in a few states, and the trend is growing.

Recycling books

Recycling books isn’t as easy as it seems. There are things to be done, like inspecting books to make sure they are actually able to be recycled. Even though books are made of paper, some books and magazines won’t cut. For instance, hardcover books can’t be recycled whole. You have to get rid of the hardcover before the book can go through the recycling process. Additionally, books that have gotten wet are not good candidates for recycling or shredding. When this happens, they should be discarded.

In the recycling process, books have a sorting process, just like everything else. Then, depending on the weight and type of paper, they are classified based on grade and sent to a paper mill. Who knew there was so much to the process of recycling books, right?

Contact Royal Document Destruction

The team at Royal Document destruction can assist in pointing you in the right direction for recycling books and magazines. As a partner of the process, they can shred your documents and papers, books, and hard drives to ensure you don’t have any compromising or unwanted information or books around. When searching for a recycling center, you can google ‘book recycling near me,’ and the nearest book recycling center should come up in your search engine. Or, you can call the team at Royal Document Destruction to come and help you make your contribution toward saving the environment. For more information on our services, contact the Royal team today!

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