The Importance of Professional Hard Drive Destruction

Your old hard drive may seem irrelevant or out of date, but it likely contains data that could prove extremely damaging for your business and your valued customers. Often, hard drives include such sensitive information as Social Security Numbers, bank account routing numbers, and medical records. This data is rarely encrypted, making it shockingly easy to access for those with even modest technical skills.

Identity theft involving old hard drives is surprisingly common, even when said hard drives appear to have been physically destroyed. When your hard drive is handled by a professional, however, you can take solace in knowing that sensitive data has been rendered completely inaccessible to those who might otherwise cause irreparable harm.

Below, we examine why professional hard drive destruction is so important — and how the assistance of a certified document destruction service can provide valuable peace of mind.

Risks of DIY Hard Drive Destruction

Business owners are always on the hunt for ways to cut costs. The desire for reduced spending is understandable, but some cost-cutting measures are never worth the risk. Such is the case with hard drive destruction, which is far more complicated than most people realize. Data recovery technology has grown significantly more advanced in recent years, as evidenced by forensics experts’ current ability to access information believed out of reach following DIY hard drive destruction efforts.

Unfortunately, forensics professionals are far from alone in their efforts to restore hard drive data that others might assume has been lost forever. This information can also be retrieved by hackers and other criminals who seek to cause you and your customers harm.

Physical hard drive damage often seems sufficient, but experts can quickly ascertain whether data is still retrievable — and it often is. When in doubt, it’s best to work with a trusted data destruction specialist. This will ensure that information contained on hard drives is rendered completely inaccessible.

Certified Hard Drive Destruction

With hard drive destruction, true security is only possible when working with a certified provider. The most reliable services are certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID).

To achieve NAID AAA certification, companies must meet rigorous security standards, including the successful completion of a series of scheduled and surprise audits. These ensure that data destruction companies abide by necessary protocol to ensure that vulnerable consumer information is properly destroyed prior to being discarded. Additionally, NAID certification involves background screening to ensure that all those who handle — and ultimately destroy — sensitive data are trustworthy.

Developed by information security professionals, NAID’s rigorous certification program is recognized by thousands of organizations all around the world. These include businesses of all sizes and in numerous industries, as well as a variety of government agencies.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

If you are intent on keeping sensitive information safe, you can benefit from the assistance of Royal Document Destruction. Based in Ohio and certified by NAID, we are committed to meeting the unique needs of the many businesses and individuals we serve. We offer a variety of flexible solutions, including hard drive destruction, product destruction, drop-off shredding, and mobile onsite shredding in Cincinnati, Columbus, and surrounding communities.

The Royal Document Destruction team will make every effort to accommodate your schedule and any specific requests you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a free quote.

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