Preparing to Return to the Office: Declutter Your Home Office with Document Destruction

If you’ve been working from home and have tons of paperwork and other stuff from your office, it’s time to start getting rid of that stuff. One of the best things your company can do is send a shredding services company to your rescue. The beauty of that is you won’t have to leave home before it’s time and you’ll still be able to enforce data protection protocols and remain in compliance. Use technology to store what you need and make sure you categorize things based on usage and need. The goal is to get rid of everything and only keep the essentials you can’t do without.

Document destruction

One of the best things about document shredding firms is that they provide the tools you need to make things easy for you and them. No contact service with shredder bags is an optimal solution for those clients who have employees at home that need to get rid of confidential materials but aren’t on-site to professionally shred those documents.

Your employees have the best of both worlds because while they are getting rid of your company’s data security documents, you can provide an incentive to allow them to get their unwanted items shredded as well. Most people don’t realize how much of their information gets compromised because they don’t follow safety guidelines. Using a secure shredding solution isn’t just for the pros – ordinary people can benefit from using one every single day. It’s easy to think you don’t need data security methods for personal information, but everything starts at home.

Document retention

When you’re considering working with a secure shredding firm, you may be wondering what to shred, and how much it will cost. Businesses and shredding companies work together to develop the best plan for your business. That could mean having a quarterly purge fest for employees, a one-time option, or mobile shredding services that come to your facility. No matter what you choose, getting employees in the right frame of mind by having them understand what to discard and what to retain is key.

So, what do they need to toss or keep?

  • Old software

Software can get old and dated quickly. Luckily, technology companies give companies automatic updates without having to purchase new software all the time with cloud solutions.

  • Broken items

Working from home can be cool, but that doesn’t mean things won’t get broken. If any office equipment is broken, it’s time to discard it before returning to the office.

  • Decorations

While everyone wants a space they can call their own, make sure you keep it within reason when returning to the office. Don’t bring things that can distract others from being productive, and who wants a messy area anyway?

  • Too many supplies

You need this stuff to be effective at your job while working at home, but the office has its share of office supplies. Leave yours at home.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

You need a dependable solution for helping your business and its employees make the transition back to the office. The team at Royal Document Destruction is ready and waiting to help. Let us take care of all your document destruction needs! Call an agent at Royal Document Destruction today.

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