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Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives contain a great deal of confidential information, and must be physically destroyed before being disposed of for security reasons. Importantly – “wiping” hard drives does not guarantee the information is gone. We can help you stay compliant and safe without any hassle with our hard drive destruction services! Royal Document Destruction offers our clients great flexibility when it comes to scheduling appointments to provide guaranteed hard drive shredding needs.

Customers can schedule either onsite or offsite certified destruction of hard drives. Our machines are equipped to physically bend, break, and mangle the hard drive and its internal components including the data platters within hard drives. The equipment we use meets compliance standards for all current laws that require the destruction of data on hard drives prior to their disposal. We make compliance and security easy!

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Onsite Hard Drive Destruction Service

If you wish to have your hard drives destroyed onsite, Royal Document Destruction will come to your office to perform hard drive destruction on your property. This can give you peace of mind almost instantaneously since you can basically watch your hard drives be securely destroyed. However, if you prefer to have your sensitive information hauled away, Royal Document Destruction has offsite hard drive shredding service available as well.

Offsite Hard Drive Destruction Service

When we pick up your paper for certified destruction, we can also easily collect your old hard drives, transport them to our facility where we certify destroy them in a completely secure fashion. Many customers like to choose offsite instead of onsite hard drive shredding service for the convenience, pricing, flexibility and because it is guaranteed.

Serial Number Capture

In addition to hard drive disposal service, Royal Document Destruction also offers serial number capture for hard drives. This service is available for an additional cost with our HDD destruction service. Recording the serial number of your shredded hard drive can be an added security measure in addition to the hard drive shredding. Serial number capture is not a legal requirement but an additional service option for your peace of mind.

Our Equipment Is Both Powerful And Mobile!

Royal Document Destruction uses mobile equipment so that we can easily transport the hard drive machines into our trucks, and to your business location! Therefore, the hard drive shredding process can be completed onsite or if you prefer, we can pick it up and destroy them in our secured facility. Our company likes giving our customers more options!

Secure Hard Drive Destruction Services

If you’re in need of safe hard drive destruction services, contact Royal Document Destruction in Columbus and Cincinnati.

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