Shred Bags: Secure Shredding For Employees Working From Home

When your employees are working from home because of covid19, they might have generated documents that need to be shredded. You have to rely on your employees to bring the documents into the office, but meanwhile, they sit unsecured in your employees’ homes. Instead of taking a chance that confidential information could get into the wrong hands, get your employees secure shred bags. The bags come in 6- and 12-gallon sizes. Your employees simply fill them up and seal them. When they can bring the confidential documents back, you just put the filled bags into your shred boxes or lock them up until the shred truck comes. We’ll shred the bag and its contents without unsealing the bag.

How Secure Are Shred Bags?

People who are spring cleaning because they are stuck at home because of COVID -19 may also need shred bags for confidential documents they no longer need. Instead of putting the documents in an unsecured box or bag, use our sealed shred bags. You can also take advantage of our no contact service by using shred bags. We’ll leave them on your porch. You fill them and put them back on your porch. We’ll pick them up and bring them to our truck to shred the bags and their contents without unsealing the bags. Our shred bags are made to go through our shredders.

Our NAID Certification

Royal Document Services is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). The association oversees shredding operations to ensure that they remain secure and only endorses companies that are able to handle on- and off-site document destruction for documents and various types of media, as long as the companies remain secure. Our sealed shred bags means that your documents stay secure and that we retain our NAID certification.

Declutter Your Home Office

While you are stuck home, it’s a great time to declutter your home office. If you are working from home, use the commute time to start decluttering. When purging your files, use our sealed shred bags to keep documents with confidential information secure until we can pick them up with our no contact service calls.

Shredding those old files with a professional shredder is more secure than disposing of the documents in the trash or shredding them with a home shredder. For the smaller home offices, we offer one-time purge shredding. Once you get your home office cleaned out and all of the old documents ready for the shredder, consider getting a small shred box or even more shred bags to store documents while you are waiting to get them to a shredder.

We’ll pick up that big stack of documents, but after the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders are lifted, you can fill shred bags over a month or three, and then drop them at our office or have us pick them up. Shredding not only ensures that your documents don’t fall into criminal hands, but it saves you time and money – you don’t have to take the time to shred them yourself, and you’ll save the money it would cost if an identity thief used them to steal your identity. For businesses, you could see a fine if a criminal breaches your security and steals documents with confidential information. Keeping documents that are waiting to be shredded in locked boxes significantly reduces the risk of having them stolen.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Contact Royal Document Destruction to order our shred bags for your home office and ask us about our no contact pick up service.

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