Shred Bags: No Contact Decluttering

As part of alleviating the boredom of staying home, many people are decluttering their home offices. In some cases, people are working from home because of shelter in place orders. Both types of people practicing social distancing could benefit from our no contact service. Royal Document Destruction provides Seal ‘n Shred bags that you can use for documents that have to go to the shredder. We’ll send you the bags. When you fill them up, call us to arrange for a pickup. Put the bags on the front porch when you see us pull up. Or, you can hand them to us through the door. The bags come in two sizes: 6 dry-gallon bags that hold about 15 pounds and 12 dry-gallon bags that hold about 35 pounds.

No Contact Servicing

While working from home because of COVID19 and practicing social distancing, life must go on, which means that you might have sensitive documents that need to be shredded. Our shred bags provide the perfect method for our no contact servicing program. Once you fill the bags, call us to arrange for a pickup. You can meet us at the door, or if you are operating under a true no contact situation, we’ll let you know what time we’ll be there and you can put the bags on the front porch for us to pick up. You can even wait until you see us pull into the driveway if you don’t trust leaving the bags on your porch for a few minutes.

Declutter Your Home

If you haven’t gotten this far yet and are still looking for things to do, you can start decluttering your home by going through documents you have. Anything you no longer need to keep should go into shred bags for shredding by a professional at Royal Document Destruction. At the same time, you can organize your home filing system. Documents that you should shred include:

  • Any document with your name and address on it.
  • Any document with your social security number on it.
  • Old tax returns, tax schedules and other tax documents.
  • Canceled checks.
  • Bank statements.
  • Medical records that you no longer need to keep.
  • Retirement account statements.
  • Credit card statements.
  • Receipts, including those printed at the store and those that you might print from emails or online shops.
  • Social security account statements and letters.
  • Veteran’s Administration letters, statements, and other documents.
  • Any document with account numbers on it.
  • Utility bills, invoices and statements.
  • Disability documents.

Sometimes an identity thief needs just one piece of your information to create a complete profile. Don’t let the thieves get that one piece they need to steal your identity. Shred any document with any identifying information on it.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

If you are an individual or if you are working from home for your employer during the covid pandemic, contact Royal Document Destruction to ask us about our different programs, including our No Contact Service pickups while you are social distancing, our shred bags, and our mobile shredding services. We pick up as often or as little as you need – even once a year when you declutter your house. We provide locked shred boxes for businesses that need us to come out as often as every week, so that you know your clients’ and customers’ information is safe from prying eyes while it’s waiting for the shredder.

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