Prevent Identity Theft This Tax Season With Mobile Shredding

The temptation of identity theft has only increased given the pandemic, brought on a massive shift in how we live, work, and communicate with one another. As you prepare for another tax season, it’s more important than ever to watch out for your personal information. If you shred documents the right way, you not only stave off the odds that someone will try to impersonate you (whether online or in-person), but it also frees up more space in your home. Getting rid of paperwork can make your office, closet, or corner desk that much more manageable. Plus, you can likely get rid of more than you think this year with a little help from mobile shredding. Get ready to start your spring-cleaning off right.

Mobile Shredding

Using a standard paper shredder can seem like a perfectly acceptable way to get rid of your tax documents. But while some criminals are content to just let the shreds lie in your (very) public waste can, others see them as a challenge. After all, you’re only shredding documents that contain worthwhile information, so why not take the time to figure out what that information is? This doesn’t just refer to documents, but also hard drives, DVDs, or essentially any media where you store your information. (Destroyed hard drives in particular are easier to reconstruct than you might think.) Mobile shredding services take every precaution to keep your data from prying eyes. “How long do I keep tax documents?” Keep in mind that duplicates, unrelated receipts, and pay stubs are usually safe to dispose of.

Mobile Shredding Services

Many people will look at a pile of old documents and just feel overwhelmed. This can be especially true for those with more high-profile positions, as it can be tempting to hold onto everything just in case the IRS starts poking around. But this approach usually just leads to unnecessary clutter. As everything piles up, the last thing that you want to do is spend a full afternoon in your garage with a molasses-pace home shredder. So you just end up putting it off for another month. Remember that the more documents you have, the more a burglar has to work with if they manage to break into your home. Instead of grabbing jewelry, they might just need a few documents before they leave the premises. Mobile shredding services will come to your home and destroy your documents in bulk, so you can breathe a little easier every time you face tax season.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Identity theft protection isn’t just important when you do your taxes, it’s important all-year-round. Royal Document Destruction not only shreds your documents in a crisscross pattern, but we also take the time to mix in your documents with other’s documents before officially destroying them. If you’re thinking of shredding tax documents this year, there’s no better time to contact us. The pandemic has unfortunately made many people more open to taking more drastic measures to ensure their own financial security. Tax benefits and refunds are often a huge incentive to put in the extra effort. Call us to ensure that you don’t fall victim to a common scam.

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