One Time Purges vs. Recurring Service: What Do I Need?

To mitigate the risk of having your identity stolen, you should purge documents at least every six months. However, if you own a business or have a lot of medical bills, or you are the type that saves everything, you might need something more than a one-time purge. And, if you work from home, you definitely need a retention schedule and recurring service to keep in compliance with federal rules.

If you have boxes of documents you need to get rid of, contact Royal Document Destruction for an appointment. We can come to your home or business to shred a one-time purge, or we can set up recurring services.

One-Time Shredding Purges

When you purge shred, you generally shred many documents once or twice per year. When you have many documents and run out of room, you most likely contact a shredding company. However, when you do not keep documents under lock and key or keep too many, a thief could break into your home or office and use those documents to steal your identity.

Another instance of using a one-time purge is a family that saves documents for a year and then shreds them. Even in this instance, you should have a retention schedule so that you know what to get rid of every year.

A small office might not need recurring services but should consider a one-time purge at least quarterly. You do not have to keep some documents but should not throw them out in the trash.

Document Retention and Recurring Service

The best way to stay in compliance with federal regulations is to create a document retention schedule and set up recurring service for shredding documents. We will bring you as many lockboxes that you need and / or set up a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly schedule to bring our mobile shredding truck to your home or business.

Instead of purging every now and then, you have a set schedule plus the added benefit of locked shred boxes. As a file reaches the end of its retention period, you can drop it in the shred box as long as the client does not want it. The boxes stay locked until we pick them up, so the risk of someone getting ahold of those documents is much less.

You can also take advantage of document destruction and shredding services with our pick up shredding service or drop off shredding service. These services might be better for those who do not have enough documents to warrant regularly scheduled shredding services. Those businesses or individuals might have a slew of documents over a period but have none for the next couple of months.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Whether you are an individual, someone who works from home for yourself or a company, or a business, you have documents that should not be thrown out in the trash. An identity thief could pilfer even something with your address on it – and it might be the last piece of information he or she needs to complete a profile on you.

Contact Royal Document Destruction today to discuss your shredding needs and set up an appointment for us to shred the documents you need to get rid of.

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