Is Your Business Properly Disposing of Old Technology?

Old technology is something of a mystery to many people. They may know that wiping a device entirely doesn’t always erase the information, but they also might reasonably wonder if it’s really necessary to take the extra step? When you consider just how valuable data can be though, particularly for small businesses that might not always have the best cyber security in general, the answer is that you don’t want to take any chances. Breaches aren’t just common, they’re also exceptionally difficult to climb out from under the aftermath. We’ll look at whether you’re getting rid of your technology the way you should and what steps you can take to be a little more prepared for a data leak.

Disposing of Old Technology

If you’re wondering what to do with old technology, you should first know that it tends to be far less secure than newer technology. The more time a hacker or cyber criminal is exposed to a certain device, the easier it is for them to find a way to break into it. Even devices with primitive network components can now be used to access larger and more complex machinery. Plus, these devices are generally considered to be obsolete. After years have passed, a manufacturer will no longer release updates to their products because the devices are too old to handle the new demands. If your business is struggling with what to do with old computers, you need a protocol that will both protect your data from the wrong eyes and keep you far from compliance violations and hefty fines.

Technology Recycling

One way that you can accomplish electronics recycling without making a major error is to choose the right media destruction vendor. Electronic device and media destruction might not be rocket science, but it’s trickier than some people realize. Taking a baseball bat to a hard drive may seem like you’re destroying it, but the reality is that it may still be viable to the right thief. It’s difficult to destroy the internal parts of the hard drive, even when it’s so easy to take care of the external casing. Having the right partner will mean that all of your technology will be thoroughly sanitized and destroyed, leaving you with more space as well as the records you need to prove you met all of your compliance requirements. From cell phones to tablets to PCs, you can hand over anything you no longer need to professionals who will get the job done.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

If you’re asking yourself what to do with old electronics, the qualified team at Royal Document Destruction is ready to take the hassle off your hands. Our team is here for clients in Columbus and Cincinnati, and we know how to protect your business. Our media destruction process is not only thorough, it’s a proven way to keep anyone from thieves to auditors from interfering with your bottom line. Smaller businesses don’t usually make headlines when they’re hacked, but the consequences are newsworthy to their owners, staff, and customers. Don’t take any chances when you contact Royal Document Destruction for assistance with electronics disposal.

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