How Secure is Shredding?

If there’s one thing that can help protect sensitive data from getting in the wrong hands, it’s by properly handling document destruction. For most people, this means using a shredder. As a business owner or individual, shredding is more secure than any other technique when done properly. If you’re responsible for the disposal of confidential data, chances are you’ll need a secure shredding company to keep things regulated, and in compliance with federal rules. Even as an individual, when the timeframe for keeping certain documents is over, shredding them by using a professional company is the best way to ensure those documents are completely destroyed. Businesses use retention schedules to make sure the documents are kept and shredded within the legal timeframe. This helps with potential space issues and in having your documents in a non-secure place.

Certified Document Destruction

Working with a company that has a certified shredding designation means they have taken the steps to remain in compliance with all applicable laws. This helps keep your company in compliance while utilizing security best practices. What’s so special about being certified? You wouldn’t use a doctor that didn’t have their credentials, or let someone work on your personal or company automobile without proof of training and experience. Companies that seek the NAID AAA Certification helps with your due diligence and demonstrates the company places a high degree of importance on doing things right.

Shredding Keeps You Safe

When dealing with document destruction, shredding by a professional company can help in preventing identity theft. It’s no secret – hackers and individuals who want to compromise sensitive information will go to great lengths. One of the easiest ways to compromise someone’s identity is by going through their shredded documents. Shredding companies use the latest technology to shred documents into the smallest possible pieces that won’t be able to come back together. They utilize special systems that work a lot better than standard store-bought shredders which don’t have the capacity and multi-shredding techniques needed to safety destroy sensitive data and hard drives.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

For top-notch identity protection services and data destruction, the team at Royal Document Destruction is here for you! Known for their ability to make customers feel as ease while providing data protection solutions, Royal Document Destruction is skilled, trustworthy and consistent. They establish great working relationships with their customers, while being one of the 50-fastest growing businesses in Central Ohio six years in a row. Utilizing the latest technology and equipment, they can accommodate client needs either onsite or at their private facility. With affordable pricing options at the forefront, the company specializes in certified paper shredding, mobile shredding in Cincinnati, Columbus and the surrounding areas, product destruction, hard-drive destruction and semi load service. For a detailed list of services at Royal Document Destruction and how they can assist you or your organization, contact an associate to schedule an onsite consultation today!

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