Declutter Your Home or Office with Royal Document Destruction

No matter what the protocol is at your office, almost all businesses are guilty of letting the clutter pile up over time. Busy office managers and supervisors swear they’ll get to it soon, but that day takes months to actually come around. If you’re like most companies throughout the US, you likely start clearing everything out either at the very end or very beginning of the year. But ideally, you should be decluttering throughout the year rather than waiting for it to pile up — and it’s not just because everyone in the office will work better when they’re not distracted by clutter. If you want to stay compliant with state and local laws, you need to be getting rid of sensitive information so there are fewer chances of a security breach.

One Time Purge Shredding

Some criminals are only willing to go so far to procure valuable information. In other words, trash-digging is not on the menu for everyone. Still, there are plenty of desperate people who will not only go through old documents, but who will also take the time to piece them back together if they’ve been destroyed. If you or your company has no need for routine shredding services, you can consider a one-time purge to take care of all the build-up. The right company will follow the proper chain of custody, meaning you’ll know where your documents are and what’s happening to them at all times. This way, there are no chances of data following into the wrong hands.

Shredding Saves you Time and Money

If you’re shredding your own documents, it’s undoubtedly taking time out from more important matters. You’re also opening yourself or your business up to the possibility of a data leak. Just one hack costs an average of $117,000 for even the smallest business. A secure shredding company will handle the documents with far more care than an intern will, and they’ll take the security of your company as seriously as you do. It also protects you from fines imposed by any number of regulations designed to keep your customers safe from identity theft. When you contract with a company like Royal Document Destruction, you get a formalized certificate that can be used to prove that you took every precaution available to you. Finally, just think about how much you’ll save when you don’t have to continue to replace that old shredder when it can’t cope with the volume of documents you’re feeding it.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Royal Document Destruction has been helping people declutter their homes and offices for many years, so they can focus on what’s ahead of them rather than what’s behind. Whether you choose one time shredding or routine visits, you can count on us to make your records management a little easier. We’re dedicated to offering shredding services that are both efficient and green, providing real value for our customers and the wider community. It’s why we’ve continued to grow in size year after year. Whether you want to get rid of the past 10 years of documents or just this past month’s haul, giving us a call to learn more about what we can do for you.

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