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Why Royal Document Destruction is The Best Choice for Shredding in Worthington

Shredding Options at your Worthington Location

Royal Document Destruction offers off-site shredding service and on-site shredding service. That means we can bring one of our paper shredding trucks to you to destroy your documents or we can pick them up with our off-site shredding service. You can be confident that our shredding service will securely shred your private information.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

Secure disposal of business records is critical in every office. Protecting your information, your clients, and your employees is not only essential, but also required by federal and state privacy laws. For an ongoing need, we offer our scheduled shredding service. We provide secure locking containers to be placed in your office to dispose of and hold your documents until they are picked up and destroyed. We then come to your office on a consistent schedule such as weekly or monthly to shred your documents. Royal Document Destruction will assess your firm’s needs and recommend a secure disposal program that meets your needs.

One-Time Document Destruction & File Purges of Business Records

When your business doesn’t need document destruction on a regular basis, we can provide one-time file destruction services. Need to clean up a file room or is it time for your annual file purge? Whatever the reason for disposal, our one-time service is right for any business. No job is too big or too small. We will securely destroy any volume of materials. We will come to your Worthington location when you need us.

Residential Shredding That Comes to Your Worthington Home

Residents of Worthington need shredding services just as much as businesses do. Royal Document Destruction offers Worthington residents on-site destruction or off-site destruction of any of their personal papers. Protect yourself and your family against identity theft by shredding documents with your personal information on them before they are disposed of. We offer our residential shredding service Monday through Friday.

Dublin Hard Drive Destruction Services

It’s not only paper documents that contain sensitive information. That’s why Royal Document Destruction also offers hard drive destruction services for businesses and individuals in Dublin. Our secure processes ensure that all data on your hard drives is completely destroyed, rendering them unreadable and unrecoverable. We can handle a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, and external hard drives. Don’t take any risks with your data – trust Royal for secure hard drive destruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are My Documents Shredded?
Royal Document Destruction offers two options. We can send a mobile shred truck to your Worthington location where you can watch your documents being shredded, or we take away your documents to our state-of-the-art facility where they will be destroyed in bulk.

Is a Shredding Service Expensive?
No, professional shredding is reasonably priced. The rate depends on the amount of paper that needs to be shredded. For purges, we charge per box or bin, and for scheduled route service, it’s based on console or cart size. Get an estimate tailored to your needs by giving us a call!

Do I Need to Remove Paper Clips & Staples?
No need – our powerful machines are designed to tear through soft metals such as clips, clasps, and staples.

Call Today for your Paper Shredding Needs!

Worthington businesses and residents need an easy and convenient way to securely destroy their secure documents when they are no longer needed. Royal Document Destruction makes it simple because we come to your Worthington home or office to perform our services. All it takes is a call to Royal Document Destruction and you are on your way to having your documents professionally shredded.

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