What To Do With Your Old Electronics

From cell phones to external drives to old desktops, you can end up with a fairly large box full of miscellaneous gear from all kinds of manufacturers. So just how should you be getting rid of your cell phones and getting the answers as to what to do with old computers? Should you take the box to a technology recycling center and drop it off? Can you smash everything to bits and put it in the garbage can? Neither of these are great options. Old electronics are typically more dangerous than we sometimes realize. A hard drive may look destroyed, but even a novice cybercriminal will know that it’s easier to extract valuable data than it may look. We’ll look at what it means to really dispose of all your old electronics and why you might need to reconsider your plans.

Old Electronics

Most people forget about old technology, often as quickly as it debuted. These devices tend to pile up from cheap and disposable burner phones to an old iMac sitting in storage without really being handled. What most people don’t realize is just how unsecured their devices are. Old devices aren’t just less sophisticated in terms of security. They’ve also been on the market long enough for criminals of every variety to experiment with them. Finding gaps that will lead them to your valuable data is their business, and it’s a business that has led to anything from identity theft to physical breaches of people’s homes and businesses. For instance, an old garage door opener may look innocuous until someone figures out how to use it to get into your home. When you’re asking what to do with old electronics, it’s critical to put your defenses up, so this doesn’t happen to you.

Technology Recycling

It can be almost disconcerting to see just how quickly your devices can pile up over time. Proper media destruction starts with knowing the ins and outs of various devices and taking the extra steps for electronics disposal. Wiping a device isn’t enough, as it can still lead to compromised data if you’re not careful. If you leave it to a professional shredding and disposal company, the staff will know how to dispose of each device according to their individual guidelines. If you need records for the technology disposal, they can also provide you with valid certificates attest to the recycling methods. This is especially helpful for small businesses or even if you have a side hustle from your own home.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

When you’re asking what to do with old technology, one of the worst things you can do is either put it off or throw it into the garbage out of sheer frustration. While it’s an extra step, contacting the right destruction company is the best way to keep yourself out of trouble and avoid anything from credit dings to legal hassles. Royal Document Destruction has all of the expertise and the know-how to dispose of all your old electronics, regardless of how many you have and what year those devices were originally made. Contact us today if you’re ready to take responsible steps toward electronics recycling and clear out some of the old devices that have been piling up.

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