The Dangers of DIY Hard Drive Destruction

Everything that you do on a device is recorded on the hard drive, making it a very valuable item for criminals. It’s not just what you save, but all of the code needed to operate the device, access the network and support any accessory devices. Before cloud storage, hard drives were critical to devices, as they were the primary device to house all the data. However, even now, it’s something that you shouldn’t take any chances with. When you’re done with a hard drive, destroying it on your own isn’t recommended. Hard drive destruction cost by a professional company can be worth its weight in gold when you consider the alternatives.

Data Wiping Isn’t Enough

A data-wiping program can seem like the best answer if you’re searching for DIY hard drive destruction. After all, it’s not the framework code on the hard drive that’s necessarily valuable to you, but your personal data that you’re trying to protect. For all of the sensitive information that you’ve stored on a hard drive, from health conditions to your home address, you might think that you can just overwrite it all and be done with it. This is a sensible solution in many ways because it will make it harder for someone to recover. Whether it’s a curious hacker or a malicious thief, they’ll have to go the extra mile. The key to remember here is that they can recover lost data though if they put in the effort.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

You never know what someone’s going to do when they come across an old hard drive. Some people might try a few things and then give up. Others might take it as a personal challenge. If you really want to prevent identity theft, it’s a smarter bet to use a professional service — especially if it has any commercial information on it. Hard drives in commercial businesses have a tendency to pile up, and the destruction of media tends to be put off for a while. All the old gear may head into an equipment closet and be stored away until someone comes across their dusty remains. Using a professional service (with a hard drive shredder) will take care of matters quickly, preventing wasted hours of hassle. It can also protect enterprises from financial ruin.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Consumer hard drive destruction is more than hard drive destruction tools. Can I throw away hard drives?: while your local garbageman certainly won’t knock on your door to reprimand you, it’s really not recommended. Instead, why not turn to a company that specializes in keeping your data safe? This is not about being paranoid, but about going the extra mile to keep yourself safe. Identity theft is and will likely continue to be a lucrative business for many people, which is why Royal Document Destruction has made it a priority to keep customers safe. If you’re thinking about personal hard drive destruction, it’s time to shift gears and give us a call. Our company is one of the fastest growing businesses because we’ve proven ourselves to have the skills, equipment, and know-how to take care of media destruction in nearly any form.

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