Steps to Take While at Home

During the coronavirus pandemic, you should be sheltering in place — and are probably bored out of your mind. Spring cleaning is done and there’s not much more you can do to keep occupied other than watching TV, reading or working on hobbies. To break up the monotony, declutter your files. Now would be the perfect time for you to tackle that job, and once you go through and create a box of documents you no longer need, call Royal Document Service for no-contact mobile shredding services. Shredding anything with personal information on it significantly reduces the risk of identity theft.

Decluttering Your Home or Office

The Covid-19 pandemic is the perfect time for you to declutter your home or office since people need to practice social distancing and stay home when possible. Going through your files and setting aside documents for document destruction reduces the risk of identity theft, just as sheltering in place reduces the risk you’ll contract Covid-19.

When going through your files:

  • Get rid of documents that are not necessary. Make sure you review every document and put it in the shred pile if you don’t need it.
  • If you have a lot of loose papers, get a box of file folders and expandable hanging file folders.
  • Create general categories, such as household bills, medical bills, warranty information and other categories. Label the hanging file folders with those categories.
  • Label the file folders with subcategories, such as light bills, phone bills, warranty for widget A, warranty for widget B, Doctor A, Doctor B and so on. You can even make subcategories of subcategories, such as having a separate file folder for each family member. This comes in handy for filing medical information for each family member.
  • If you save digital files, name them the same as your paper files so that you can find the appropriate information on the computer or in the filing cabinet easily.
  • Arrange the files in alphabetical order.
  • Keep current files separate from archived files.
  • Finally, file the documents in the appropriate files.

If you keep digital and paper files, scan each document as you file it, making sure you save it in the appropriate folder, which should be labeled the same as in your paper files.

Non-Contact Servicing

Once you go through everything, you should have a pile of documents that you no longer need to keep. Even junk mail with your address on it should be in a pile for shredding. While you are supposed to stay away from people because of Covid-19, we offer no-contact pick-up shredding. Royal Document Destruction is currently offering Shred Bags for purchase. Once you fill it, we’ll pick it up without having to have contact with you. We can take payment over the phone via a credit or debit card. We can also meet you at your door if you prefer to hand off the box of documents. When you call us to schedule a pick-up, we’ll make arrangements with you for your preferred method of transferring your documents to us for shredding.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Staying safe from viruses and from identity thieves are just two things you can do to protect yourself. Contact Royal Document Destruction before you start decluttering your files to arrange for no-contact pick-up services and to learn more about our shredding process.

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