John Daly and Rob Grubaugh

Royal Document Destruction Offers Columbus Businesses Only The Best!

Our Two Columbus Leaders Both Have Earned The Shredding Industry’s Highest Accreditation (CSDS) To Ensure Customers Receive Optimal Service, Knowledge and Security

Royal Document Destruction’s John Daly and Rob Grubaugh are both Certified Secure Destruction Specialists (CSDS).  The CSDS credential is the highest individual certification awarded by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). NAID is our country’s overseeing and governing agency over the entire paper shredding and hard-drive destruction industry.  CSDS shredding professionals are a limited number throughout the country, so Royal Document Destruction in Columbus benefits from having two industry leaders for our customers piece of mind!

The knowledge that John and Rob have as CSDS specialists, directly benefits Columbus area businesses, banks, hospitals, corporate headquarters, and other customers who work with Royal Document Destruction for shredding.  Because John and Rob have both successfully completed the most rigorous training and comprehensive testing in the shredding industry, as well as ongoing educational requirements to maintain their CSDS certification, they continually offer the highest knowledge and experience in regards to secure data destruction to share with our Central Ohio customers.

What Is NAID?

The overarching job of NAID is to ensure that participating, professional shredding companies consistently use the best, most ethical business practices at all times when handling, transporting and destroying documents for customers.  NAID’s rigorous standards apply to every aspect of all secure shredding services – whether being done on a shredding truck at the customer’s location, or if the paper shredding takes place off-site at a professional shredding facility.  Many government agencies, hospitals, banks, leading corporations and businesses in varying fields of industry actually require their paper shredding provider to be NAID certified to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations.

The NAID Certification Program establishes standards for the entire secure destruction process, including such areas as:

  • Employee background checks, hiring, and ongoing screening
  • Chain of custody requirements
  • Operational security demands
  • Transportation requirements
  • The destruction process, shred size, and more
  • Security and monitoring of the shred process
  • Responsible disposal
  • Insurance
  • And much more!


Why is CSDS Important?

The CSDS Professionals are the best of the best, according to NAID.  The CSDS is the highest knowledge and training that a professional in our industry can obtain.

Achieving this specialty level requires passing a rigorous exam regarding the entire destruction industry, as well as ongoing training and educational requirements. This ongoing training means that any new laws or regulations impacting data security are always met by Royal Document Destruction’s services.  Those professionals who have achieved CSDS rating are considered top experts in the document destruction field, and are therefore best qualified to pass on to their customers an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing rules and regulations, as well as better advise the businesses how best to follow these laws.

Being NAID certified as a company is an important primary step, and CSDS professional certification is the final step of guaranteeing the best overall shredding company to hire.  As a NAID certified company with two CSDS professionals, Royal Document Destruction’s Columbus customers know that every due diligence requirement possible is being met when hiring our company for paper shredding or hard-drive destruction.

John Daly and Rob Grubaugh make hiring NAID-Certified Royal Document Destruction a very simple solution to your paper shredding project of any size in Central Ohio.  Call our Columbus, Ohio office at 614-751-9731 for more information.

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