Residential Shredding with RDD

While most people consider mobile shredding as a service strictly for businesses, these companies have a not-so well-kept secret: they also have residential shredding services! In fact, these services are very popular now that work from home solutions is thriving. Several communities also use these services every six months or once a year to help residents clear out the clutter.

What exactly is a shredding service?

If you have a shredder in your home, chances are you purchased it from a retailer. While they get the job done, most documents can be pieced back together. A shredding service uses specialized equipment to ensure those documents are irretrievable. Professional shredders are more effective at keeping confidential and sensitive documents protected.

Mobile Shredding Services

These services are discreet and effective. Pick-up shredding is also a popular service where the company comes and takes the documents to be shredded at their facility. Depending on the company, there are some vehicles that can shred documents on-site, providing peace of mind and extra assurance of total document destruction.

By using this type of service, you can alleviate certain things like errors. Having documents that are not fully shredded can result in identity theft or worse. This puts a company, or yourself in a compromising situation that could take years to resolve. Additionally, if there are a lot of documents to shred, this takes a lot of effort. By using a service, the labor is done for you.

Let us Come to You: Pick Up Shredding

There’s nothing like a clean office or home that’s free of documents you’ve had to keep for a certain length of time. Pick-up shredding is a perfect solution that saves time and money. Let’s face it – piles of paper can quickly grow and get out of hand. While periodically decluttering and shredding papers throughout the year is ideal, that may not be your reality. Being proactive and scheduling a service to come to remove those documents and properly dispose of them will get the burden off our hands with money well spent.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

It may not be easy parting with papers you may think you need. Taking steps to get rid of old papers can assist in keeping better records, give you a chance to streamline things and automate processes, and alleviate the need for additional storage.

The team at Royal Document Destruction works with individuals all year providing mobile shredding services to help get rid of the clutter. We take pride in offering solutions that make sense while helping destroy sensitive and confidential information that could get into the wrong hands.

We offer scheduled and ongoing services, off-site shredding, on-site mobile shredding, plant-based shredding, document and product destruction, and more. Proudly serving Columbus and Cincinnati, we are fully insured, bonded, and certified by NAID.

Let us help you develop a plan to handle your documents with sensitivity and care. You can find us on the internet by typing in “mobile shredding services near me” or contact us for a free quote today.

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