Protecting Your Identity with Document Destruction

Most people don’t think of identity theft when they throw away junk mail. But having that one piece of information might be all they need to complete a profile on you to steal your identity. Even junk mail that has your address on it should go in the shredding bin. Our shredding services provide document destruction when you need it, whether it’s once per year or every week. Even other seemingly innocuous documents, such as your child’s report cards have identifying information and should be shredded if you don’t plan on keeping them. Like junk mail, people don’t think about what is on their hard drives — these should also be shredded to protect your information.

Secure Document Destruction

Identity theft is a real threat by people who would rather steal than work. Home shredders are usually strip-cut shredders. The strips are large enough to piece back together. For real identity protection, you should use the professional cross-cut shredder on our mobile trucks. This type of shredder cuts documents into many tiny pieces. Once shredded, the documents are baled and forwarded to a recycling plant that must also follow regulations for handling confidential information.

In addition to creating tiny pieces of paper in the shredders, our shred trucks stay locked and secure. By the end of the day, it has billions of tiny pieces of shredded documents all mixed together, which makes it nearly impossible to recreate a document.

NAID Certified Destruction

Identity security is the main purpose of shredding, but you shouldn’t use just any shredding company. A company with NAID certification means that the company follows the regulations as outlined by FACTA and HIPAA.

Whether you are a business or an individual who needs documents shredded, you want a business you can trust. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), is an organization that provides voluntary membership to shredding and other companies. The organization has many rules and regulations that a business must follow to remain in compliance. NAID is recognized by government organizations and private organizations around the world. Because Royal Document Destruction is NAID certified, you can be sure that we follow all of the rules and regulations to keep your identity safe.

To become a member of NAID, we had to make sure our company was secure, that our employees were properly trained and that we abide by regulations such as HIPAA and FACTA. Some of the steps we must take to keep our NAID certification include:

  • Background checks on new hires;
  • Criminal record searches by the county the employee lives or lived in for seven years;
  • Employees must have the proper licensing agreements;
  • Employees must sign confidentiality agreements;
  • Random drug tests;
  • Drug tests upon hiring;
  • Proper transport of documents to avoid theft of documents;
  • Keep written policies and procedures for employees, including drivers;
  • Employees must and display have badges;
  • Vehicles must meet the United States Department of Transportation regulations;
  • Vehicles must have lockable cargo areas and cabs; and
  • The owners and officers of the company must have comprehensive background checks by third parties.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Keep in mind that hard drives and other digital media also have a lot of confidential information on them. When they have reached the end of their lives, they should be treated the same as paper documents. Contact Royal Document Destruction for hard drive destruction and document destruction.

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