Mobile Shredding: Declutter and Reorganize without Leaving Your Home

With COVID on everyone’s mind right now, the question has become: How can we get things done without compromising our health and safety? Now is the best time to rid your home of all of the things that you don’t need anymore. Not only can it help you start off 2021 with a fresh perspective, but it will also make spring cleaning that much easier to tackle. When you’re surrounded by clutter, it can start to impact your mental health. You can quickly begin to feel overwhelmed by the mess, wondering what to even do with it all. We’ll tell you why you should make this a priority and how to get it all done.

Mobile Shredding Near Me

In many cases, mobile shredding is more of a necessity than anything else. If you have any business where you store confidential information, such as salary or personal addresses, they are legally required to be destroyed under the Data Protection Act. Using mobile shredding services can help you avoid breaking the laws or potentially endangering your business or reputation. Even if you don’t handle other people’s data, you should at least protect your own. Identity theft will only continue to rise as economic hardships befall more people this year and next. As the threat of the coronavirus looms ever larger, choosing mobile shredding is a smart way to save more than time and hassle.

Residential Mobile Shredding Services

This is the time for everyone to stay home as much as possible. Not only do you shield yourself from the virus this way, but you protect others in your home as well as the wider community. Mobile shredding trucks can come to you and professional staff can take precautions to limit contact from the beginning of the visit until the time the truck pulls away from your home. Shredding documents with a home shredder is time-consuming, not to mention it’s not always the safest way to get rid of your paperwork. Plenty of people are motivated to put all those shreds back together. With the right mobile shredding company, you ensure that all of your most important information is shredded with a cross-cut (meaning both horizontal and vertical) and then mixed with miscellaneous paperwork from other shreds.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

A mobile shredding company not only makes it easier for you to declutter, but they also make it a breeze to recycle. Let Royal Document Destruction take all the remains of your documents to the recycling center instead of putting yourself at risk this year. Once you have all that extra space, it will make it so much easier to reorganize your home. If you’re working from home, having a clear space can be the key to starting each day with a clear head. You won’t have to worry about anything falling into the wrong hands or whether all that leftover paperwork will eventually become a fire hazard. Most people are utterly amazed at just how much stuff they have hanging around their home. Why not get rid of it so you can have a little more room to yourself? Give us a call today and get the ball rolling.

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