Document Shredding: Explore Your Options with Royal Document Destruction

Document Shredding: Explore Your Options with Royal Document Destruction

It is no surprise that in today’s world, the security of sensitive documents and data is more critical than ever. As a business owner or individual, it is essential to correctly dispose of any paperwork containing confidential information, such as customer financial records and employee files. Document shredding services provide an easy way to securely destroy large amounts of documents quickly, without worrying about potentially costly security breaches or identity theft due to improper disposal methods.


In this article, we will explore the various options available for document destruction, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will also discuss how Royal Document Destruction can help make document shredding easy and secure for businesses large and small. Read along to learn more about the importance of document shredding and how Royal Document Destruction can help you stay safe.


What Is Document Shredding?

Document shredding is a secure way to quickly destroy large quantities of paper documents. With this service, specialized machines are used to cut up paperwork into small pieces that anyone cannot reconstruct or read. This process ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information and helps protect businesses from potential identity theft and fraud due to improper disposal methods. Additionally, most companies offering document destruction services recycle all shredded materials afterward, thus making it an eco-friendly option as well!

How Is Mobile Shredding Different?

Mobile shredding offers an even more secure solution for document destruction. In this case, the shredding truck comes to your location and collects all documents that need disposal in special locking containers. These bins are then wheeled outside, where they are automatically emptied into the shredder with no handling by the staff involved. The contents in these containers are immediately shredded. Before being taken back to a plant for a second round of shredding, they can be witnessed if necessary.

Off-site Shredding Services:

If you have large documents that need to be securely destroyed, then off-site shredding services may be the best option. This service requires sending boxes filled with paperwork to an off-site facility where they will be collected and shredded onsite. The shredded materials are then transported to a plant for disposal and recycling. This method is often more cost-effective than mobile shredding options and can be used by businesses and individuals who need large volumes of documents securely destroyed.

Hard Drive Destruction:

In addition to document destruction services, many companies offer hard drive destruction. This service is used when it’s necessary to destroy digital records such as computer discs and CDs securely. Royal Document Destruction provides mobile equipment to easily transport the machines into their trucks and your business location for easy onsite destruction! The process involves shredding the hard drives into small pieces that cannot be reconstructed or read by anyone, thus ensuring both security of sensitive information and protection from potential identity theft or fraud due to improper disposal methods.


NAID AAA-Certified Shredding:

Finally, Royal Document Destruction is proud to be NAID AAA-Certified. This certification indicates that their document destruction practices meet industry standards and comply with all state and federal regulations. It also shows that they take customer security seriously by providing a secure chain of custody for paperwork before it is destroyed.

Contact Royal Document Destruction for Reliable Shredding:


If you are looking for a reliable, secure, and NAID AAA-Certified shredding company in Cincinnati, Columbus, and the surrounding areas, your search ends with Royal Document Destruction. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our industry experience offer businesses the confidence that their confidential information is being securely destroyed. Contact us today to learn more about our shredding options and schedule an appointment.

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