Declutter Your Home Office with RDD’s Mobile Shredding

Are you tired of looking at all of those documents cluttering your home office? Do you dread shredding them because there are so many? The time it takes to shred everything with a home shredder should not be the only thing that concerns you about home document destruction. While that seems like it should be secure enough, most home shredders, especially strip shredders, do not cut the documents small enough. Thus, your very public trash can is a haven for a person who wants to steal your identity. It’s the perfect challenge for that person to recreate the documents.

Residential Shredding Services

Any number of documents in your home could provide an identity thief the information he or she needs to complete his profile on you or a family member. Once the profile is complete, the thief can apply for loans in your name, clean out your bank account, and take other unscrupulous actions. Using mobile shredding to declutter your home significantly minimizes the theft of personal information, including your social security number.

You most likely do not have records that you should be keeping for more than seven years in your home unless you work for yourself out of a home office. And then, you should only keep records that are related to any of your employees being exposed to hazardous materials, I-9 records, which you must keep for three years after a person leaves your employ, and personnel action records, which you need to keep for seven years after the person leaves your employment.

You can shred most tax return documents in three to seven years, depending on the type of document; employment tax records after four years; hiring records can be shredded two years after you hired someone; employee benefits, medical benefits, and other benefits get saved for six years; and safety-related documents for five years.

Otherwise, everything should go into a mobile shredding services lockbox to keep the documents safe until our scheduled pick-up. You can also opt for pick up shredding services once you go through your files. Just be sure to keep those documents away from prying eyes until we pick them up.

Secure Mobile Shredding

Because mobile shredding is so secure, most businesses have adopted a policy where all documents are shredded. You can find shredding services near me and adopt the same type of policy for your residential shredding. Even if you have one letter box every seven or eight months to get rid of, shredding them is more secure than using a home shredder or throwing them in the trash.

Even your address can give an identity thief that last piece of information she needs to use your identity for financial and medical reasons. You can choose to have Royal Document Destruction come to your home on a schedule and empty lockboxes, or you can have us pick up documents as you clean out your filing cabinets and files.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Whether you have a home office or you simply keep documents for retention, you should also have a locked filing cabinet and a way to securely destroy those documents when you no longer need to keep them. Mobile shredding is the best way to destroy documents, old hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and USB drives that you no longer need. Contact Royal Document Destruction to discuss your shredding needs and set up an appointment to get all of that clutter out of your home.

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