Cloud Storage: Why It’s The Best Option For You

There’s been a lot of talk about the cloud over the past few years. In addition to a memorable (and celestial) name, it’s also an exceptionally practical choice. If you still haven’t made the switch, it might be because you’re satisfied with your current methodologies, but we’ll give you at least a few reasons to reconsider. The reality is that cloud storage isn’t just more convenient, it’s also a lot safer than traditional options. Even without an external hard drive, you can still backup all of your data! See how the cloud works, where it can be integrated into your daily routine, and what you should do with any leftover devices to ensure your data is in safe hands.

What Is Cloud Storage?

It’s easy to think of information floating overhead, but cloud storage does refer to a real place. These are servers that large companies, like Google or Amazon, use to give their customers more effective ways to store everything from photos to tax documents. The interfaces are simple to use, with most people only needing to know how to drag and drop to use the features. The companies who own the servers are often juggernauts in the industry, meaning they have backup plans if their machines should be damaged or destroyed. Plus, because they’re run with the help of billion-dollar budgets, these machines are more efficient and reliable than nearly any other solution on the market.

Why Is Cloud Storage So Popular?

Companies have largely made the switch to the cloud because it’s both better and more affordable than running their own servers. Because these machines can store so much information at one time, companies often rent out space within the machine and then only pay for what they use. This is in contrast to running their own servers, which may take up an abundance of electricity while only using a tenth of what the machine was actually designed for.

Individuals largely opt for cloud storage so they don’t have to bother with hard drives. A tool like Google docs will save their work as they go, and still allow them to access their work no matter what machine they happen to be on. So if they need to log into their account on their phone or their iPad, they can do so without hassle. It also tends to be extremely safe, as big-name companies are known for staying on top of and in front of the latest hacking trends. (There’s no such thing as impenetrable security, but right now, the cloud is likely the closest thing you can get.)

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Royal Document Destruction is a company that will ensure that your hard drives are destroyed in a way that no one will be able to restore. Once you move all of your information over to the cloud, you can responsibly get rid of your hard drives, so you can use the space for something better. If you think you’ll ever come across a compliance investigator or audit official who needs to see proof, we’ll give you a certificate so you have all your ducks in a row. If you’re ready to move into the future of storage, contact us today!

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