Back to the Office: How to Update your Document Disposal Plan

Getting ready to go back to the office? Make sure your document retention and document destruction policies are in place. There are a few things you must do to stay in compliance:

  • Know what the rules are in your industry.

If you don’t, you could put your business in jeopardy.

  • Have a document destruction plan in place.

This is key. Your risk management person and all employees should be familiar with this plan and follow all protocols.

  • Have a good shredding company

This is your partner that can make sure your documents are properly destroyed.

Document disposal plan

The management team must make sure all employees are on the same page with this. Your plan should outline what should and should not be destroyed, and what everyone needs to do in terms of data protection.

Destroying records the right way can be intense. You have rules and regulations from compliance agencies, and then you have internal rules to follow in terms of document shredding. Using secure shredding services for hard drive destruction and on-site or mobile shredding can provide peace of mind you didn’t know your team needed. Technology needs to be upgraded from time to time and having a hard drive destruction service close by makes things a lot easier.

Let’s face it – data security is no laughing matter. When you don’t have the right people and protocols in place, it leads to one disaster after another. Who wants to go through litigation or knowing that the sensitive information you were entrusted with has been compromised? NO ONE.

Document destruction

What really happens during document destruction? When you have your documents destroyed by a secure shredding firm, your documents are irretrievable once they have gone through the process. If your shredding services do not provide you with proof of their shredding guarantee, it’s not the one for you. Professional shredding companies should have systems in place where an employee can observe if the business isn’t comfortable enough. Transparency is key.

NAID certified shredding services mean your documents are in the best hands. NAID certification means documents are cross-cut shredder or some other means where there is no going back once the process has been completed. This is the first sign of a company that is truly in the document destruction business and they have taken all the protocols to protect themselves and their clients.

If there are no record-keeping policies in your business, it’s time to get them together and find the right shredding partner to keep your business operating at the highest standards. One of the most sensitive areas of a business is the HR department and Finance. Both departments have sensitive information on employees and clients that cannot be compromised. There are HIPAA regulations that must be followed to the letter to avoid fines, fees, or worse.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Are you ready to work with a certified and compliant shredding company that can meet your needs? The team at Royal Document Destruction provides education on the process, why you need to shred and properly dispose of documents, and can schedule services to work around the schedules that match your requests. For more information on what we can do or to get a quote, contact an agent today.

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