Why Professional Shredding Services Are Superior To In-House Shredding

Why Professional Shredding Services Are Superior To In-House Shredding

Data security is a primary concern for businesses of all sizes. In safeguarding confidential information, the process of shredding documents holds a particularly important role. The decision between handling shredding in-house or employing professional services can significantly influence a company’s risk management and operational efficiency. This article explores the key reasons why professional shredding services are favored over in-house methods and provides insights for businesses looking to bolster their information security practices.

Benefits Of Professional Shredding Services

Outsourcing your shredding to a professional service offers a suite of benefits that can’t be easily replicated within your office.

Expertise And Compliance

Secure document shredding requires more than just a simple machine; it’s a process that must align with multiple compliance standards and best practices. Professional shredding services are staffed with experts on these regulations, ensuring your company’s adherence to privacy laws such as HIPAA and GDPR. These services not only follow strict rules effectively but also give clear evidence of meeting standards, which is important for audits or investigations in case of breaches.

Efficiency And Time Savings

In a business landscape where time equals money, efficiency is non-negotiable. Professional shredding services, equipped with high-capacity industrial shredders, can shred vast quantities of documents within a fraction of the time it would take an in-house facility. The streamlined processes, from collection to destruction, reduce labor costs and minimize the time employees spend on tasks that don’t directly contribute to core business operations.

Security And Confidentiality

High-security shredding services guarantee that documents are securely handled from collection to their final shredded state. Employing stringent chain of custody protocols, these services safeguard your information against unauthorized access or breaches. It’s a level of protection in transit that in-house processes often can’t match, especially for businesses with higher security requirements.


Utilizing a professional shredding service can be more budget-friendly than it seems. When considering the expenses linked with in-house shredding—such as buying, maintaining, and eventually replacing shredders, not to mention the cost of employee time spent shredding rather than focusing on their primary job duties—it becomes clear that outsourcing can often be the more economically sound choice. Professional services offer a fixed cost that covers all these aspects, helping businesses manage their budgets better without any surprises.

Drawbacks Of In-House Shredding

Despite the appeal of maintaining control over the shredding process, in-house shredding has its drawbacks that can compromise both security and efficiency.

Lack Of Specialized Equipment

Household and small office shredders often do not shred paper as finely as professional-grade equipment. The volume and level of compliance needed for sensitive documents in most businesses exceed the capabilities of these machines. Moreover, they are susceptible to jamming or malfunction, leading to significant inconveniences and productivity disruptions.

Compliance Risks

Not having full-time compliance expertise within your organization means that you’re more susceptible to misinterpreting or even missing essential legal requirements regarding the proper disposal of sensitive material. This unknowingly non-compliant in-house practice can lead to severe legal ramifications down the line.

Time-Consuming Processes

Handling document destruction on-site can take up a lot of time, especially for businesses with large quantities of paperwork. Employees have to spend hours feeding papers into shredders, removing jams, and managing waste. This time could be spent on work that helps the business grow. Additionally, the lack of a streamlined process can result in longer turnaround times for document disposal, leaving sensitive information at risk for more extended periods.


When it comes to protecting your business’s sensitive information, the peace of mind provided by professional shredding services is unparalleled. Choosing to outsource shredding tasks ensures not only a secure destruction process but also a more efficient and compliant operation. For businesses seeking to strengthen their data protection strategies, the investment in professional, secure shredding services is a clear and practical choice.

At RDD, we offer the highest levels of security and compliance, providing tailored solutions to meet your business’s unique shredding needs. Secure your company’s future by prioritizing data protection with professional shredding services. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about our services.

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