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The Cincinnati Area Mobile Paper Shredding Experts

When your Cincinnati business needs to find the best way to dispose of old documents, it is critical to do a little research beforehand to ensure you are hiring the best shredding company for the job. The quantity of materials that you have will help determine which type of shredding service works best for the job. Whether you have 10 boxes of secure paperwork, 10 skids of material, or 10 truckloads, Royal Document Destruction is the full-service paper shredding expert in Cincinnati. We handle any size Cincinnati shredding project with almost 30 years of professional success and experience.

Experience Our Cincinnati Area Mobile Paper Shredding

Many companies decide their most sensitive papers must be shred at their location with a witness verifying the destruction process. If that is the situation with your business, look no further than simply calling Royal Document Destruction. Our company’s expert, full-service shredding capabilities means we can professionally shred your documents on site, with our background-checked professional staff and utilizing one of our mobile shred trucks.

Our staff will help you schedule on-site (or mobile truck) shredding, at a time that works with your schedule. The truck arrives at your location, at a pre-arranged time, and doesn’t leave until all of your documents have been certified destroyed right there, where your staff can choose to watch the process in its entirety, or spot check the process if they so desire. After your business has their papers securely destroyed with our mobile shred trucks, the papers are taken back to our facility, where they are comingled with other shredded paper, baled up, and sent to paper mills for secure and guaranteed 100% recycling. So not only is your business getting the best security for your documents, hiring Royal Document Destruction means you are also helping the environment!

Drop-Off Shredding Available

Sometimes, mobile shredding is not cost-effective, or you aren’t sure of your day-to-day schedule. if you have several boxes of material stored up and have some flexibility, another option is to simply load them in your car and take advantage of drop-off shredding at Royal Document Destruction’s secure Cincinnati facility. When you drop off boxes to our business, you can arrange to have witness shredding (an appointment is required), or simply drop off your material at your convenience, Monday thru Friday, anytime between 9 am and 1 pm. When you hire the Cincinnati shredding experts of Royal Document Destruction, your business can be confident that guaranteed, NAID document destruction will occur in a timely, professional manner.

Certificates of Destruction are issued to all customers, regardless of the shred service that you choose. Drop-off shredding is the most cost-effective service option, and you have the added advantage of doing it on your schedule.

Royal Document Destruction’s Cincinnati facility is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), and we easily coordinate document destruction services for box drop-offs, large file purges, mobile shredding, pick-up shredding, hard-drive destruction, product destruction and more.

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When it comes to secure and efficient document destruction, Royal Document Destruction is your go-to solution. Our Cincinnati area mobile paper shredding and drop-off services guarantees you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive documents are properly destroyed in your presence. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness in the industry. Contact our Cincinnati office at 513-870-9355 for specific information about drop off shredding projects or to get started with your on-site service.

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