Mobile Shredding for Sensitive Documents in Columbus and Cincinnati


Royal Document Destruction is saving you time and money. Having the documents in your office shredded is time-consuming. Often, you and your fellow co-workers have hundreds or even thousands of unwanted documents to destroy. You can’t simply toss them in the wastepaper basket; there are too many pages and the information is private. On the other hand, allowing your employees to shred documents by hand or with store-bought shredders is not only an inefficient way to spend company time; you may not be adhering to the state or federal regulations that surround proper document disposal. This is true for both electronic hard drives and physical records. Don’t be vulnerable to information theft or a lawsuit by trying to clean out old files alone.


Royal Document Destruction Truck in Columbus

The better solution to document destruction

To be safe and compliant with the law, most organizations try to compile these documents alone and transport them to a shredding location. When you call Royal Document Destruction in Cincinnati or Columbus, we have a mobile shredding team that can come to you instead, saving time and money with one simple phone call.

Using powerful mobile shredders, your documents are destroyed at high speed and then transported to our facility, where the remains are shredded a second time for added security. After documents have been completely disposed of, our team will return all shredding bins to their proper location in your office. Service can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, or on demand as needed.


When on-site document shredding is the best choice

With Royal Document Destruction, you have the choice of on- or off-site destruction services depending on your business or organizational security needs. We usually recommend that you contact our mobile document destruction team for scheduling if you’re planning to:

  • Relocate or close offices locally or further away.
  • Clear out excess paperwork that’s taking up space and is no longer relevant.
  • Destroy sensitive information that would jeopardize your patients’ privacy and local regulations, such as medical records, lab tests with reports, credit card and payment details, insurance information, or X-rays.


Off-site document destruction services

In addition to helping customers destroy sensitive records on their properties, for some document destruction services, the safest and most secure option is to request a certified off-site destruction service. This is where our team uses high-volume equipment to process large quantities or difficult electronics and digital files to thoroughly protect your privacy. Visit the Off-Site Shredding page to learn more.


Contact the professionals to maintain security and privacy

Don’t risk a DIY job just to eliminate extra documents in your office. Plan your next big clean with the help of Royal Document Destruction. Our mobile team will come to you when you call our Columbus or Cincinnati phone number to choose either an appointment or a routine service schedule.

Columbus mobile shredding team: (614) 695-4208

Cincinnati mobile shredding team: (513) 912-4527

Call our team to arrange for on-site document shredding!

Why Choose Us?

  • Two Convenient Locations
  • Material is Recycled
  • Secure Mobile Shredding Trucks
  • Highest Level Of Security Standards
  • Bonded, Insured And Certified Shredding Services
  • Certified By The National Association For Information Destruction (NAID)

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