Off-Site Shredding Services in Columbus, OH


At Royal Document Destruction, we help commercial clients destroy bulk quantities of old records with secure, fast techniques. To understand which method is right for you, here’s more information on off-site shredding compared to using our on-site mobile team.


Our secure off-site document destruction process

Royal Document Destruction’s Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, plants easily serve every client’s needs from one cabinet to multiple semi-loads. All materials are transported in secured trucks operated by uniformed, bonded personnel. The material arrives back at our facility where our state-of-the-art, high-speed equipment allows us to securely shred your paper at affordable prices within minutes! In fact, our Columbus, Ohio plant equipment shreds nearly 20,000 pounds of paper per hour. Here is the breakdown of what happens after you schedule our services:

  • Royal Document Destruction maintains regular pick-up schedules for our off-site shredding clients, or we can schedule pickups on an as-needed basis. We service businesses throughout Columbus and Cincinnati, from one cabinet to multiple semi-loads.
  • Our uniformed security professionals remove your secure documents immediately and place them in our locked, secure truck, ensuring safety until it arrives at our state-of-the-art shredding facility.
  • Upon arrival to our facility, the containers are scanned for record keeping.
  • Once recorded, they are then staged to begin the shredding process. Typically, in just a few short minutes, the material is fed into the shredder. While industry standards dictate a single shred, at the Royal Document Destruction’s Columbus facility we always crosscut documents as just another way we exceed expectations.
  • The shredded paper waste is then baled and shipped directly to a paper mill, where the material is recycled into new products. A Certificate of Destruction is issued that verifies that all paper was certified destroyed in compliance with all federal laws. All of our off-site shredding services meet government and legal requirements for certified document destruction for every type of business, government agency, or medical facility.

For certified destruction of non-paper items, such as plastics, X-rays, merchandise, clothing, obsolete products, and more, simply call our office to discuss your specific certified destruction needs, and we’ll explain material-specific processes.

Off-site, certified, and bonded shredding allows minimal disruption, a lower cost than a mobile service, and the same excellent security for your business. No customer is too small, so contact us to set up a regular service schedule or an ad hoc pickup.


How is mobile shredding different?

For clients in Columbus or Cincinnati, Ohio who need to personally oversee the destruction of their business, corporate or medical documents, mobile shredding offers exceptional control over the most sensitive information. Here’s how it works:

  • Documents are collected in locking security containers.
  • When full, those locked bins are simply wheeled outside by our professional staff, where the truck automatically lifts the container and empties it immediately into the shredder.
  • There is virtually no handling of your waste by our staff—the entire process is automated for the highest of security.
  • The contents in the locking security containers are shredded immediately and the whole process can be witnessed if necessary. Once the mobile truck is full, it goes back to our plant to unload, at which time the material is shred a second time. This is an added security benefit of working with Royal Document Destruction.


Is mobile shredding as safe as off-site shredding?

We operate state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicles that handle on-site document destruction. Royal Document Destruction’s mobile shred trucks are equipped with a high-speed, mobile document destruction system that can destroy large volumes of sensitive business information in minutes—all on-site and within view. On-site mobile paper shredding ensures that the material you desire to have shred is destroyed immediately and you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction. No more fears of what happens to your sensitive information once it’s loaded onto a truck.

Our mobile document destruction service brings secure shredding to you:

  • Complete, secure, certified and bonded on-site destruction
  • Services performed by background checked, safety and security screened destruction specialists and equipment operators
  • Our mobile shredding vehicles contain state-of-the-art shredding equipment and comprehensive security controls
  • Royal Document Destruction’s mobile trucks offer fully automated, hands-free shredding capabilities. Our driver never touches your documents!
  • Mobile shredding vehicles then transfer the material back to our secure facility, where the contents are shred again, baled and then shipped to paper mills for recycling.


Choosing on-site or off-site document destruction

Your decision will come down to your comfort, the cost quote, the quantity of documents to shred, and the type of documents that need shredding. If you’re interested in product destruction, hard drive destruction, or other non-paper shredding, these types of service are performed at our own facility. To get a free quote and choose the method that’s right for you, please contact our office for complete information!

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  • Two Convenient Locations
  • Material is Recycled
  • Secure Mobile Shredding Trucks
  • Highest Level Of Security Standards
  • Bonded, Insured And Certified Shredding Services
  • Certified By The National Association For Information Destruction (NAID)

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