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Royal Document Destruction Are The Hard-Drive Destruction Experts in Columbus, Ohio

The proper, secure destruction of hard drives, tapes, and other forms of media is crucial to an identity protection program, whether personal or business. After all, old drives contain enormous amounts of data that leave you vulnerable to identity theft. Think of the personal data stored on your old computer over the years and the damage that could be done if even a small amount of that information were to get out!

A written destruction program that includes hiring a professional, bonded company, such as Royal Document Destruction, to properly destroy your hard drives and other media is a key component for proper data security. Our locally-owned Columbus, Ohio, shredding company is NAID certified for paper, product, and hard-drive destruction. In fact, hard-drive destruction is an often-requested add-on service for our paper shredding customers throughout Central Ohio, whether it is business or personal.

Before you even think about donating or recycling old computer equipment, you must consider the security of old information. Even a wiped drive can be dangerous in the wrong hands as information is still retrievable by someone with bad intentions and the skill set needed. What does wiping the drive even mean? To ensure a hard drive is clean, you must use a data-wiping program to obliterate your data. Then, you’ll need to ensure the drive’s platters are unspinnable. This is a complicated process that involves dissembling the drive with specific tools, then removing the platters.


Protect Against Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals can find data on old hard drives that you’d prefer to remain private. Computers often save personal information from credit card numbers to logins and passwords. Getting access to an old hard drive can be like finding a treasure trove for an identity thief. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to guarantee your information is secure! Simply hire a professional and certified hard drive destruction service. We take the worry and the risk out of disposing of old computers. Our family-owned business, Royal Document Destruction, is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction to destroy hard drives. Old hard drives are pierced using specific hard-drive destruction equipment and then shredded, so information retrieval is impossible. A Certificate of Destruction is issued for your records. We also offer serial number capture for hard drives, which is often requested by our customers and an added benefit of hiring our company.


Keeping Your Information Safe

Our company aims to provide the best shredding and destruction services in Ohio. With almost 30 years of award-winning service, Royal Document Destruction’s long-term success in the shredding and security industry proves that we are more than capable and trustworthy of properly handling any hard-drive project you may have. We are the certified experts in Columbus, Ohio, for hard-drive destruction.

Royal Document Destruction offers mobile hard-drive destruction for projects that need to be completed at the customer’s location, or we offer secure hard-drive destruction at our state-of-the-art facility. We understand that keeping your information safe is crucial, and we have the expertise and flexibility to provide you with the best solution for your business.

The best way to ensure your information is safe – whether you are disposing of just one old computer or upgrading your company’s entire computer system – is to call Royal Document Destruction for the certified and guaranteed solution.


Hard-Drive Destruction You Can Trust

Royal Document Destruction has provided Columbus, Ohio, businesses and residents with certified paper and hard-drive destruction since 1995. Our local, family-owned business is the best at what we do. If you need hard drive destruction services in the Columbus or Cincinnati, Ohio, area, contact Royal Document Destruction today.

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