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When you’re considering how to dispose of old technology, one of the hardest things to consider is your hard drive. Hard drive wiping software is useful, but it does not completely erase all the sensitive information that can be compromised. In fact, hard drive destruction is probably the only way you will be able to ensure your information remains confidential and away from hackers or identity thieves who want to cause harm.

Media destruction

When trying to get rid of your hard drive, it’s easy to pick up a hard drive destruction tool thinking that will do the trick.  The real truth is that technology disposal isn’t as easy as you think. Even if you use a hammer on the hard drive, there may still be some retrievable pieces that can be compromised. The worst thing about that scenario is not finding out your information has been being used by thieves until you start getting dings on your credit or receiving purchases on a credit card you didn’t know you had. It can be very tricky and a major headache if put in that position.

Hard drive destruction

What exactly is hard drive destruction? Professional hard drive destruction takes all the questions out of trying to know and understand how to destroy hard drives. A hard drive destruction service is designed to help residential and commercial customers get rid of any data that can be compromised. One of the best things about using a hard drive destruction service is that you receive a hard drive destruction certificate certifying your hard drive is no longer able to produce compromising information.

Using a NAID AAA certification team can help you feel better about destroying your hard drive. Most people wonder what’s so hard about destroying a hard drive. Hard drives are built differently than the rest of the machine. While you can do damage to the outer casing of a machine, and it’s very visible, it is much harder to destroy the inner parts of a hard drive. Although the service comes with a cost, it definitely outweighs the cost you will pay if someone got a hold of your identity.

The same types of companies are found in shredding services. Both are integral in ensuring your information remains confidential at all times. While it may seem simple to just use a hammer or tear your documents into pieces, it’s not a good practice to consider. There’s a reason this piece of equipment is called a hard drive, and there is always more information contained on the hard drive than most people think.

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When you’re ready to dispose of your hard drive due to the purchase of a new computer, or a hard drive crash, don’t take matters into your own hands. The NAID-certified team at Royal Document Destruction has served clients in Columbus and Cincinnati, OH for many years, keeping information safe.

Whether you need the service at your facility or ours, your hard drive will be properly handled and destroyed. For more information on the hard drive destruction service and other services we offer, contact an associate today!

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