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How to Hire the Right Paper Shredding Company for Your Confidential Documents

When your business needs to hire a professional paper shredding company to make sure the job is done right, how do you know which company to choose? There are several critical questions that every individual or business should ask before selecting the best paper shredding company to hire.

Make sure the shredding company is NAID certified

The first and most important step in the hiring of a shredding company for your Columbus, Ohio business is to ensure that shredding company is NAID certified. NAID stands for The National Association for Information Destruction, which is the governing body of the entire industry. NAID certification is widely considered the gold standard for shredding businesses across the country. Typically, a certified shredding company will display the NAID logo prominently on their website. You can also go to i-SIGMA’s directory for an updated list of certified companies.

Royal Document Destruction is NAID certified for both our Columbus and Cincinnati paper shredding operations. Our company was actually the first shredding company in the state of Ohio to achieve NAID certification. NAID reviews more than 20 areas of operational and security requirements on a yearly basis, including particle size, employee background checks, screening, and ongoing training, secure transportation of documents, access control, video surveillance, procedures, record keeping, and more. Shredding companies must renew their certification each year, and they must go through announced and unannounced audits to maintain this credential.

Check customer reviews

Are their customer reviews positive? Clients give an honest review of the services they receive. Google reviews are one easy way to learn more about the experiences of others who have hired that business. Royal Document Destruction has received more positive reviews about our shredding services than any other Columbus shredding company. Royal Document Destruction is very proud to be part of the Columbus community for 30 years as a locally owned, family business, dedicated to our Columbus, Ohio business roots.

Ask about the shred sizes and quality of the equipment

At Royal Document Destruction’s Columbus, Ohio facility, we operate a state-of-the-art cross-cut shred system, which means all paper entering our facility goes through two complete shreds before being baled up for recycling. This provides ultimate document security for our customers.

Do they have all the shredding service options available?

The best shredding companies offer a full range of certified shredding services. This includes:

  • Mobile paper shredding, when a truck comes to your place of business or home and shreds the paper while you watch
  • Off-site shredding at a secure shredding facility under 24-hour surveillance
  • Customer drop off of boxes or bags of material for shredding
  • Residential shredding
  • Box cleanouts, file purge destruction services of any size
  • Hard-drive destruction, product destruction for brand protection, and other services

Do they recycle the shredded paper?

Make sure the shredding company you hire will recycle all of the paper after it is shredded. At Royal Document Destruction, we have been shredding and recycling confidential documents for businesses, banks, hospitals, corporate headquarters, small businesses and doctors offices for almost 30 years! We are experts and paper shredding industry leaders.


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Our company has helped save millions and millions of these natural resources in our 30 years in business.

Staff has the highest industry knowledge and experience

Ensure the shredding company that you hire has an expert sales staff with the highest industry knowledge and experience. Every company has unique paper shredding needs, and expert advice is critical to ensure all laws and regulations are met during the shred process, as is required by every business.

Royal Document Destruction is privileged to have two CSDS NAID certified professionals. John Daly and Rob Grubaugh have mastered and achieved this highest level of knowledge available in the paper shredding industry. They regularly assist businesses ensure compliance for all state and federal laws and regulations, whatever the shredding project may be.

Certificates of Destruction should be provided for your records confirming all paper was certified shred.

They have specialized shredding services

Confirm that the shredding company you hire can handle different kinds of sensitive materials you use in your business. Royal Document Destruction provides a variety of certified destruction services, including on-site and off-site paper shredding, hard-drive destruction, and product destruction for the best confidential brand protection. Our company also handles x-rays, folders, binders, and other materials for Columbus, Ohio businesses. Simply call the office for more information about our specialized services.

The Best Choice? Royal Document Destruction

Whatever your industry, employees can put any company’s information at risk for a security breach through the careless handling of confidential papers. Hiring a well-established shredding company with NAID certification, an experienced and very knowledgeable staff, documented customer service satisfaction, and best business practices, will ensure that your confidential paper waste is 100% secure. Contact us today to get started.

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