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End of Year File Shredding Cleanout for Cincinnati Area

Coordinate Your End of Year File and Records Storage Shredding Cleanout for Cincinnati Area Businesses and Residents

It’s almost the end of the year, and decluttering and better organization is probably high on the list of things needed to get done as we move towards 2023. A great plan is to start the year off without any unnecessary documents from the previous year, and to ensure that you stay on top of your destruction schedule. And of course, the proper disposal of those documents is critical to eliminate the risk of identity theft.  In many cases, shredding sensitive papers is also required by law. This means looking to a professional and certified shredding company, such as Royal Document Destruction, to help with those excessive piles of paper that may be collecting dust in boxes, under the desk, piled in a drawer, or even on the desk.


File Purges, Box Cleanouts, and More

Banker boxes full of confidential documents, filing cabinets that need to be emptied, and even storage units filled with outdated records are no problem for Royal Document Destruction.  Our company often coordinates special, unique end of year pick-up and shredding service for outdated papers. We can pick up a few boxes – or a few hundred boxes- at a time for certified shredding. Simply call our local Cincinnati shredding facility with the specific details. Boxes can be collected by our staff from basements, storage units, closets, attics, and more.  If the papers are still in files, or need to be gathered, we also provide security containers, in which we drop off a specified number of locking security containers and then coordinate a pick-up a week or so later to give you time to go through your files to fill them.


Declutter Your Home or Office with Our Full-Service, Certified and Guaranteed Shredding Company

Royal Document Destruction is a full-service paper shredding company.  That means we offer:

  • A highly secured Cincinnati facility under 24-hour video surveillance, where customers can drop off boxes or bags of old documents for secure shredding at their convenience
  • Box pick-ups of any size using one of our straight trucks or vans, and material is securely transported back to our facility for immediate certified shredding
  • Locking security containers which can be dropped off, filled up by your staff and picked up at your convenience for shredding at our facility
  • If on-site or witness certified shredding service is needed, Royal Document Destruction will send our mobile shredding truck to your location and shred everything right there at your home or business, where you can also observe the entire process
  • Each RDD employee must pass a thorough background check, drug-screening and have security clearance. Your business can shred with confidence when you hire Royal Document Destruction – no matter which service you choose for your shredding project.


Our company will provide the perfect solution for your end-of-year organization and file cleanout. We have been successfully shredding documents for leading businesses, hospitals, doctor’s offices, law firms and corporate headquarters throughout Ohio for almost 30 years, so we are the shredding experts you are looking for in the Cincinnati area.


Contact Royal Document Destruction

Knowing you are working with a professional shredding company means you don’t have to worry about the security of old papers.  If Royal Document Destruction picks up the papers from your location in one of our straight trucks, the documents are shred immediately upon arrival back at our facility, baled up and sent to paper mills to make products with recycled paper content.  So, working with our business is a win-win for your security and the environment as well.

Royal Document Destruction has been providing secure, guaranteed and bonded paper shredding to Cincinnati businesses and residents for decades.  We understand our customers and their desire to remain clutter-free, and HIPAA and legally compliant. As a longstanding, reputable business in the tri-state area, we pride ourselves on offering the best shredding services in town. It can be challenging to try and handle shredding duties on your own, all while remaining compliant with all laws and regulations. Royal Document Destruction makes things easy, professional and efficient for all our customers.  We also keep our customers HIPAA and FACTA compliant, as we exceed all regulatory rules for proper and guaranteed destruction.

Royal Document Destruction provides a Certificate of Destruction for any project upon request.  From certified paper shredding, to box cleanouts, to end of year destruction projects, to destroying hard drives, and even product destruction, we have a service that will be able to meet and exceed your needs, with a local company dedicated to Cincinnati and the tri-state area.

For your end-of-year shredding project, file clean out, or mobile shredding need in Cincinnati, the Royal Document Destruction team can help! Give us a call today at 513-870-9355.

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