Do’s and Don’ts of Hard Drive Destruction

When considering hard drive destruction, it’s important to work with professionals who specialize in ensuring your information is completely removed. Although doing it yourself may sound like a great option, the risks are much greater than the money spent getting it professionally done.

DIY Hard Drive Destruction

There are right and wrong ways to destroy your hard drives. Using a free data-wiping program will erase the data but keep the hard drive usable, or you can attack the platter to make sure it’s unreadable. While you want to protect your data security, it’s important to avoid hazards like putting the hard drive in fire or putting it in harmful chemicals. Although data-wiping programs are used to keep the hard drive usable, using it prior to destroying the hard drive is also a good idea. That way you can ensure the hard drive doesn’t have anything on it, and then following up by destroying it adds an additional layer of protection from your sensitive information being compromised.

Professional Hard Drive Destruction

Destroying a hard drive is not as easy as you think. By using the services of a professional hard drive destruction company, you’ll be able to receive a certificate of destruction after they have completed the job. Before you take your hard drive to be destroyed, backing up any important documents or sensitive photos. Once the drive has been destroyed, you won’t be able to retrieve that information.

If you don’t want to pay the money to dispose of your hard drive, you can destroy the magnetic disk. It will take a little work, but it is possible. Once you have it out of the computer, use a hammer and scratch the disk or smash it directly with the hammer. Make sure you wear eye protection to protect your eyes.

Contact Royal Document Destruction

Getting advice from a professional hard drive shredding company can be invaluable. In most instances, it’s cheaper to go ahead and get it done by a professional to avoid the risk of injury or not doing it correctly. Royal Document Destruction has a long-standing reputation for delivering top-notch service. We are highly trained to destroy confidential property safely and securely.

We comply with all laws and have our NAID AAA certification to make sure you know your documents are safe with us. All processes are completed in our state-of-the-art facility, and each customer receives a certificate of destruction as proof of the hard drive and everything on it is gone.

For more information on how we can assist in providing you with hard drive shredding or destruction services in the Central Ohio area, give us a call at 614-751-9731 today.

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