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Continuing Training and Shred Industry Education

Just One Important Yearly Requirement For Professional Paper Shredding Companies Who Maintain NAID Certification

Each year, Cincinnati shredding companies that maintain certification by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), the document destruction industry’s governing agency throughout the United States, are required to complete formal NAID training and testing by each employee.  This annual NAID continuing education requirement is one of many annual standards set forth by NAID.  The goal is to ensure that the rules, methods, and highest industry standards are met by each employee of destruction businesses that maintain NAID certification. At Royal Document Destruction, we complete this annual training at our Cincinnati facility each December.

Verifying NAID certification is by far the simplest and best way to ensure that the shredding company that your Cincinnati business chooses is of the highest caliber.

Verify Providers with the NAID Directory

Why stress over how to determine hiring the right shredding company for your business?  NAID certification is the first and most important step in the process of evaluating which company should be trusted with your secure documents. Also, verifying NAID certification is easy! By visiting the NAID directory, you can easily verify shred vendor certification at your business location.

The NAID Certification Criteria

To maintain NAID certification, professional Cincinnati shredding companies like Royal Document Destruction must meet and maintain many standards, including being subject to both announced and unannounced audits of every aspect of the business.  Royal Document Destruction’s NAID certification means that our business meets or exceeds the most intensive national standards regarding:

  • Shred size
  • Employee Background Checks, Hiring and Ongoing Screening
  • Shred Equipment
  • Policy, Procedure and Operational Specifications
  • Specific Destruction Requirements for Paper, Media and Product Destruction
  • Video Monitoring of the Shred System Process
  • How Long Material Can Be Stored Before Shredding
  • Unannounced and Announced Yearly Audits
  • Certificates of Destruction
  • Yearly Renewal of NAID Certification To Ensure Best Business Practices Are Consistent and Ongoing

Requiring NAID AAA certification of your Cincinnati data destruction service provider means that your business has successfully fulfilled your regulatory obligation!  Your business can rest easy when you start your shredding company search by establishing NAID certification.  It is an easy first step that you can take on your computer.

To summarize, NAID certification is far and away the most recognized and accepted requirement for businesses, hospitals, law firms, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies to demand from their shredding service.

NAID sets the highest industry standards for its members on every aspect of the shredding process, which means this organization has done the screening work for businesses looking for a professional shredding company.

Royal Document Destruction’s NAID AAA Certification Standard

Royal Document Destruction is very proud to have been the first shredding company in all of Ohio to be certified by NAID, and we have maintained this rigorous but critical certification every year.  We understand the expectations that must be met in every aspect of the shredding business to ensure the security and safety of every one of our customers’ documents.

For more information about Royal Document Destruction’s Cincinnati paper, product and hard-drive destruction services that are all certified by NAID, call our office or contact us today.

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