Document Shredding Services in Columbus and Cincinnati, OH


“Purging” is a bit like spring-cleaning when it comes to document shredding, but businesses and organizations around Ohio can purge old files at any time. Especially for large commercial clients, these systematical purging sessions for safety can result in large volumes of digital and physical documents that would take weeks and weeks of employee time, potentially yielding imperfect results. Royal Document Destruction is designed to handle this high-volume process in order to make privacy and safety hassle-free.



Document destruction made easy

At Royal Document Destruction, our company has several high-speed shredders, which can destroy up to 20,000 pounds of paper per hour. Paper waste in Columbus goes through two high-speed shredders for added security. If your business has large semi-loads of paper waste just sitting in a storage facility, on-premise and or an off-site location, we can help!

Aside from our typical shredding services, we also offer semi-load product destruction services such as:

  • Trucking coordination of semi-loads for products, stored paper, and more can be arranged accordingly.
  • Proper product destruction also helps prevent outdated inventory from entering the black market.
  • We handle recalled inventory, outdated products, misprints, out-of-date clothing, uniforms, or other unique product destructions. Most items do require proper destruction methods before landfilling.


Industries that use file shredding and purging

Royal Document Shredding helps businesses, non-profits, and public organizations safely eliminate documents in a way that protects their business information, secures customer or patient data, and complies with all applicable state and federal regulations. Our customers come to us from the following industries and more, because all of these areas involve private data that’s vulnerable if not properly destroyed.

  • Healthcare: hospitals, private clinics, urgent care, specialists’ practices
  • Legal: private lawyers, court and judicial offices
  • Government: township, city, county, and state agencies
  • E-commerce: online customer records, business information, payment details
  • Finance: banking, accounting, tax preparation, investment managers
  • Education: public and private K-12 and university levels
  • Advertising: marketing, sales, and advertising data with individual client-level information.


Large-scale purging and document destruction

At the end of the year, period, quarter, or semi-annually, most businesses review their existing documents and undertake a large-scale clean out of physical and digital documents that are no longer needed or present a security risk to continue to protect past their usefulness. Royal Document Destruction is the Ohio team equipped to handle these high-volume events, with a mobile team that can arrive on-site to use a high-speed shredder for maximum efficiency and security.


How to contact our on-site and off-site shredding teams

Even if you don’t know exactly what types of shredding services are required for the documents you’d like to clear out, please contact the Royal Document Destruction team nearest you. We’ll help you understand what disposal methods are best-suited to comply with relevant regulations and ensure complete destruction, from our mobile paper shredding team to the off-site destruction services we offer. Call today to schedule an appointment with our Columbus or Cincinnati document shredding and purging company!

  • Columbus file shredding needs: (614) 695-4208
  • Cincinnati file shredding needs: (513) 912-4527

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