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Security is Our Priority

Royal Document Destruction’s Shredding Compliance Standards Ensure Your Business Documents are Properly Handled Every Time.

Our philosophy is “security above all else”, which creates real differences that most of our competitors can’t match. Royal Document Destruction was the first shredding company in Ohio to become certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). We achieved this impressive feat in 2002, long before it was required, and long before most of our competition even entered the market. We became certified because we were serious about being the best. Compare and see for yourself, our 20 years of experience and expertise cannot be matched! Both of our Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio facilities, as well as our on-site mobile shred trucks, continue to be certified by NAID on a yearly basis. This certification, determined by NAID, requires that Royal Document Destruction complete a rigid, 26-step analysis of its security procedures and that we are audited (randomly and unannounced) throughout the year. (For more information, click on the NAID link on our website.) This certification also ensures that we keep up with all of the latest state and federal regulations regarding document destruction.

Royal Document Destruction offers bonded, insured and certified shredding services performed with the highest level of security standards in the industry. Our customers rely on us for unquestioned security─ and we deliver. Whether you are in the healthcare industry, a doctor’s office, a hospital, business headquarters, law firm or private entrepreneur, Royal Document Destruction guarantees certified shredding of your documents that meet every legal and regulatory requirement.

Our Shredding Facility

Forklift Lifting Bindles of Paper ShreddingsRoyal Document Destruction’s facility doors are monitored, alarmed and remain under digital video surveillance. An I.D. badge entry is required for our employees to gain access to our shred area. Our delivery bay gates remain locked. Numerous, strategically placed digital video surveillance cameras guarantee that we monitor every inch of our Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio shredding facilities 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Our state-of-the-art security system records and keeps a video record of this activity for a minimum of three months. A secure area within the operation is devoted to the process of destroying documents or material. At all times, materials are attended by a company employee or physically secured from unauthorized access while awaiting destruction. There is NO visitor access to the area unless escorted by a RDD employee, and after obtaining a visitor badge and clearance from our front office personnel. See more information.

The Destruction Process

All security bins are kept locked until the confidential data is ready to be shredded by Royal Document Destruction employees inside our secure destruction area. When a full truck reaches our facility, it takes just minutes to certify shred the entire load with our high-speed, highly automated equipment!

Material is destroyed to a particle size no wider than 5/8″ shred width (5/8″ is industry standard). Single, double and triple shredding systems provide the service level to meet your needs. While industry standards dictate a single shred, our client’s information is always cross-cut at the Royal Document Destruction Columbus, Ohio facility – just another way we exceed expectations.

Royal Document Destruction’s shredding facilities are both equipped with a dedicated, monitored alarm system for added security.

Once shredded, the material is commingled with similar grade recycled paper to further separate similar information. This paper is immediately baled and shipped by semi-load to paper mills. Of course, all of this shredded paper waste is baled and shipped for 100% recycling.

NAID standard operating practice dictates that all material be destroyed within 72 hours of acceptance. RDD easily exceeds these standards and destroys material the same day of acceptance or within 24 hours. Materials received in the locking security containers are typically certified as shredded within just a few minutes of arrival to our secured plants as an added security measure.

Secure Mobile Shredding Trucks

Royal Document Destruction vehicles have applicable government inspections, registration, insurance, lockable and secure cabs, and lockable and secure enclosed cargo areas. Our staff has completed and passed thorough background checks. The mobile shredding trucks are often utilized by clients who prefer or are required to oversee the destruction of their documents at their facility. Mobile shredding offers exceptional control over your company’s most sensitive information. Importantly, our mobile shred truck drivers never touch your documents. Should you require on-site shredding, our state-of-the-art, full-automated mobile shred trucks are the best available in the industry. Once paper is shred on our mobile units, we shred it all again back at our facility for even more value-added security.

Royal Document Destruction maintains all of the steps necessary to ensure that no unauthorized persons will ever have access to your confidential information. Entrust us with your sensitive material for peace of mind. Our 20 years of award-winning experience speaks volume about the integrity with which we handle our customer’s sensitive documents.

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